My Gogbot visit

After a long day in the UT I decided to go to the Gogbot festival located in Enschede. When arrived I identified wierd noices, annoying, that was the “music” in the festival.You could try a mix yourself, but that was not helpful music got worse. Later I tried the “Hacker Enschede” where you could play some games. Games worked and were fun, but after a while it became boring. Next I went to the Zombie Apocalypses themed exposition. That I liked the most design of the cars and setting was very accurate with the theme, although I doubt they have other use in real life other than exposition or filming. Also tried the mystic ball inside the building. It was suposed to react to your movement, but it did not work well. Last, I searched for another exposition and found a curious device an antenna that created sound with the movement of its nearby surroundings. It was interesting, but very annoying. The sound created was way too disturbing. Finally I decided it was time to go home, but not before having something to eat. I had hamburgers with two friends from Create and after that we all went home.



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