Peer Review

For the assignment to review a peer I had to review a nice webpage from other student in our module. You can give it a look using the following link

From reviewing I learned that is easier to view other’s mistakes or imperfections rather than our own. This is because we are more used to criticize others. By doing this I realized that things I pointed out as insufficient or not enough for some tasks are also a problem in my own site. Do to this I have decided to make some more changes into my site’s design and content. After all it was very useful for me to highlight weaknesses in my site.

Regarding the analisis of the page in the site I mentioned earlier the page “portfolio”  is quite simple in design and in code aswell. This causes the audience to feel “bored”. Also the menu has no interaction and you do not know where are you at. Nevertheless the font and colors match good  and so does the design in the top of the screen.

Technical Details: Using some basic functions and/or commands in html, css, positioning  text and adding an  image source , the content was achieved. The code used for the page is very little, but it satisfies the goal.


Personal Design

Hello there this is Frans Beets and now I will introduce to you how I have changed my page layout to my own creative design. First I have added an image of myself in the UT as a header. Isn’t nice? I have also added a dark blue line in the right and light blue in the background by inspectioning the code. That is all for the page layout, but dont worry more changes are in progress.  To show my personality, I post at least one image in each post, this to make it more attractive for viewers.

Thanks for reading.