End Exhibition

For the end exhibition we had to make a video interactive . Our video consists of the new glasses introduced by the government with which you can get slight tax refund if your daily habits are environmental friendly. In the video you can choose between taking a bath or a shower,  a transportation method, salad or meat and if you agre or not with the glasses implementation. Are you environmental friendly? Give it a try. http://libiseller.standerwahre.work/


Group video image^^ (Not me in the image)

The end exhibition consisted of a multiple presentation of videos in a space called “Smart Xp”. In Smart Xp each group had a table and most likely a monitor and headphones to present thier work(not all groups had monitors, some had to use laptops). Each group presented their work to the people that arrived to thier table such as parents, module coordinator, module director, teachers and other create students. It was a nice experience to watch all the different videos of other creative technologist because of the variety of topics and different ideas.