My Portfolio?

1.- For the VC tutorial I did the number “7” parchment-font. Chose seven because it’s my favorite & lucky number. When I was little I used number 7 on my T-shirt for soccer games/trainings. Parchment font is new for me, but number seven was not ok. This means that “7” didn’t look as part of the font.

2.- For the programming assignment I did 20 of my own figures. I wanted to do a figure of my own creativity and not something that already existed such as cartoons and tv programs. Nevertheless I did use a reference to star wars with my figures’ weapons. I am a beginner in programing, but with big expectatives.I am very happy with the results, I hope people like it.

3.- In Mexico I had drawing classes and this is one of many things I did. I would be glad to add more content from my classes in Mexico, but sadly all my work is there so taking photos becomes to be a difficult task. (Half of the drawing is with ink and the other half is with pencil).