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Anand Chowdhary is a CreaTe student at the University of Twente.

He builds simple, humane interfaces, listens to the Beatles, and is passionate about making technology universally accessible.

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Redesigning Devanagari Ligatures

Assignment · September 2017

As my second week assignment for Visual Communications, I tried to redesign ligatures in the Hindi language that uses the Devanagari script. In Sketch, I designed the character “gya” using curves that communicates the hidden “ga” and “ya” in a more visible manner.

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Wikibility Work in Progress

Challenge · September 2017

As my extra challenge for Web Technology, I redesigned Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, with focus on accessibility and legibility. It uses Sass for a more readable design, and the Wikipedia API to render pages in AngularJS.

Wikibility is free and open-source, available on GitHub.

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FaceMatch Work in Progress

Project · September 2017

As a project for Professional Development, I developed FaceMatch, an Augmented Reality app that uses deep learning for facial recognition and analysis. It detects people and displays their information on a heads-up display.

FaceMatch is free and open-source, available on GitHub.

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