We Create Identity End Exhibition

At the End Exhibition, we present our final video project, a trailer for a horror movie called The Thing.

What went particularly went was that we ended up having a lot of fun shooting. I had the idea of making a horror movie, and I thought the forest here in the university can be a great place to shoot a Blair Witch-genre film. We went on many different days, sometimes at 6 pm and sometimes at midnight, to the nearby forests to record the clips in first-person, and tried to create an interesting, mysterious, interactive story.

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A note on this WordPress theme

Fjodor asked us to write a post about a “personal touch” in the design of the theme we’re using for our websites, so I want to talk a little about how this theme came to be, and where it originates from.

Like I mentioned in the Design Update & Colophon, I designed and developed this website using some great tools like _s, Bootstrap 4, Sass, and Codekit. That means that I didn’t use a pre-developed theme, but made my own using a starter framework. Learn more about how this theme came to be, my previous theme, and the _s framework by reading the rest of this post.

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FaceMatch: Augmented Reality meets Face Detection

For the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Hackathon at the Future of High Tech, part of the Startup Fest Europe 2017, I developed FaceMatch, a mobile app that uses deep learning-based facial detection, and displays the results in an augmented reality heads-up display.

The idea is simple — if you enter a large conference or a room full of people, you want to know who you should network with. FaceMatch uses AI to understand faces, and finds their relevant info from their LinkedIn profiles. This means that you can essentially point the phone at someone, get information like their age, gender, expression, designation, and company, along with a link to their LinkedIn profile.

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Being a Creative Technology Professional

This morning, Dennis asked us some very interesting and very important questions about being Creative Technology professionals. I decided to upload my answers on my blog, because it’s something to think about.

I think that as Creative Technology professionals, our job is to solve problems. With the amalgamation of out-of-the-box thinking and technology, I believe that we can solve all of society’s problems, and as a thinkers, futurists, designers, and engineers, Creative Technology professionals have the necessary skillset to showcase simple, humane solution to complicated problems.

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Design Update & Colophon

Here’s an update about the design and colophon of this website, and what I want to do next.

Currently, this website is made using HTML5, along with WordPress for the blog. I coded the static pages from scratch, and designed a consistent theme for WordPress using _s (you can read more about the tools I used at the end of this post.) For the static pages, I used a starter template for accessible websites that I developed last year, and designed on it using Sass, complied via Codekit. Now, I’m thinking about how I want my portfolio to look.

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Storytelling at GOGBOT

My favourite installation at the GOGBOT Festival this year was by Marcel Coufreur, who experimented with storytelling.

It’s very interesting to see how we perceive stories as a collection of notes, from the beginning to the end. When we read books like Harry Potter, we are used to learning about the environment, history, and the events occurring in great detail. This helps us paint a very distinct and colourful picture of what’s happening at the instance in the storyline. The installation, on the other hand, didn’t.

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