Well hello everybody!

As you can read in the title, today is my twenty third day as a Creative Technology (Create) student. These first four weeks were very busy with all the classes and tutorials. Different subjects to study like Programming, Computer science and engineering, Visual commprogramunication and Intercultural sensitivity. Create is a divers program with a lot international students which brings certain consequences. Forming project groups with international students with different habits is a very interesting experience, but you have to keep in mind that you are different and learn to communicate with each other.

However that is not the only change of this year. Living with fellow students instead of your family also brings challenges and a lot of fun. Doing your own cooking, cleaning and shopping takes time, which you normally would have to do homework or sports. accordingly to all these changes, I needed some time to adapt but am quit settled now.


Well hello everybody!

This post is about my portfolio that I just uploaded to this website. One of my first art series is ‘Futurism’. In this project I have experimented a lot with my camera. If you want to see this project, go to; PORTFOLIO.

Under My portfolio in the menu you can find different projects that I have done or participated in, such as Alienation and Futurism. These projects are from 2013-2014 and where assignments from my high school subject art. In these assignments I have learned a lot about photography and how to use my camera. Photography has become a hobby of mine since then.

Gogbot 8-9-’16

Well hello everyone!

Last week I’ve visited the GOGBOT festival. This festival was about Post Singularity and well I don’t know what would be the first thought in your head. But there was a long and deep silence when I first heard this phrase. So I have read some websites to really understand what this festival was about. First of all, Singularity is about super intelligent machines and this was certainly something that was present in a lot of art that I

The first artwork that I saw was the black and white picture that was formed by a lot of small black and white blocks. The interesting thing was that the blocks were moving, so the image would change slowly. This artwork really
caught my attention during my visit. But it was not the only artwork in the room. Behind me there was a very interactive work that also was quite interesting. This artwork could sense if someone was near and of course this artwork reacted on these movements. The artwork itself would start moving and as a resultguitar-echt the guitars made music.

So I have had a good new experience at this festival and I could recommend it to everyone.

Hello world!

Well hello everyone!

Last week we have started making a website to present our own portfolio for thsketche study Creative Technology. So first of all we began sketching on paper. I really did not know what I could achieve with HTML, so I kept it quit easy. You can see here one of my first sketches.

After a few sketches the real work began. We did
the basics of HTML but it is a very long process to build your own website by programming it in HTML. I could not realize my sketch with programming this first week but made something else as you can see here. html-website

But to speed things up we are trying now to create a website in WordPress.

The program has given me a very warm welcome. So I am very happy to start using this website and see how i can improve this basic website.