Well hello everybody!

In this study they give you extra opportunities to develop yourself and your skills. This is called ‘Professional Development’. They ask you to find a challenge for yourself that you can achieve in that particular module. At the start of this module I really didn’t know in what direction to develop myself a little extra. I still had to learn more about the different courses and their contents. Two weeks into the module, more of the contents became clear to me. I realized that I had never exposed myself to programming and related subjects. Now that I figured that out, I needed a way to improve that during this module. I found out that Arduino is often used by students for building prototypes and programming img_2154installations. It seemed like a proper challenge for me to get a head start with Arduinos. Luckily a friend of mine had a starters package that I could borrow for this challenge and I started to experiment with all different sensors, lights and motors to build electrical circuits. I have learned a lot from experimenting with this kit and provided me with more insight in programming and how electrical circuits work.

Now I have a better understanding of what the main contents of this study is, I can already think of new challenges for myself. I really like to photograph but I have never really edited photo’s. This could be a good new challenge for the next module because it is very important to have some skills in photo editing for ‘Web Technology’ or courses like ‘Visual Communication’. Photoshop is often used for editing photos and drawings so that would be the software to study. An online course in Photoshop would be a good way to get to know the software better and I can experiment with it myself. When I have mastered the basics of Photoshop and have made noticeable adjustments to my own photos to enhance them, I think that new skill would be good addition to my portfolio.


Well hello everybody!

The end of the Module is near and this Web Technology course comes to an end. So one of the last assignment is to review each other so that you can improve your site once more. I have reviewed the portfolio website of Jur Heerink and here is a link to his website:

There are a few aspects that are important in a website:

  • General information like first impression, clear identity
  • Design of the website
  • Content of the blog posts and projects
  • Functionality of the whole website
  • Connections like extra links to social media or other related sites

So I kept these aspects in mind when I was reviewing Jur Heerink portfolio site. I was really impressed by his website at first because I thought it was custom made, without Word Press. But then I read the blog post ‘The personal touch’. This post is about him using Word Press and I was even more impressed because his website doesn’t look standard or basic anymore so he improved it very good.
I just had one tip for his website because one thing was in the beginning not clear to me. On his home page I first did not notice that he had more blog posts. There is an arrow that directs you to another page with more posts. But at first that was not directly clear to me. So if he could get all your post announcements on the start page. That would be a good enhancement.

With reviewing Jur Heerink his portfolio site I became more aware of how maybe others will see and experience my own portfolio site. When you go through your own site you already know where everything is place and how it works. So you easily look over some obvious improvements.

I hopefully get some good comments or suggestions for improvements on my own website.


Well hello everybody!

WordPress made it very manageable to create this portfolio website. You just pick a standard (Parent) theme and the basics of your website are being made. The pro’s are that you don’t have to begin from scratch with your website. But there are some con’s, there are updates every few weeks and your settings are being changed by the theme. However there is a solution for this problem. You have to create a Child Theme, this is basically a copy from your Parent Theme but you can modify it yourself.

So I made a Child Theme, Didi Lite VS Maartje, and wanted to modify it because there were a few settings that I would rather see different. The font of the whole site was in; Inconsolata, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial and sans-serif. This was not exactly the way I wanted the font to be so I changed some of it to Times New Roman because this font is compacter than the original fonts. The whole layout of the paragraphs was very wide, so I adapted the line-height and the space between the paragraphs. All of this was not so easy as I thought. I had to modify the correct parts of the Parent Theme code, which was sometimes hard to find. But I succeeded in adjusting the code and I hope you enjoy my new layout.


Well hello everybody!

I have been digging in all my older projects and came up with a few interesting ones. I have posted it, in MY PORTFOLIO.

In this project I present a few series of photo’s. These photo’s are not all from the same project, they are form march 2014 and march 2015. The topic Alienation has been in my thoughts for quit some time and I have done more different projects with this topic as inspiration source.

Well have a look;).