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In this study they give you extra opportunities to develop yourself and your skills. This is called ‘Professional Development’. They ask you to find a challenge for yourself that you can achieve in that particular module. At the start of this module I really didn’t know in what direction to develop myself a little extra. I still had to learn more about the different courses and their contents. Two weeks into the module, more of the contents became clear to me. I realized that I had never exposed myself to programming and related subjects. Now that I figured that out, I needed a way to improve that during this module. I found out that Arduino is often used by students for building prototypes and programming img_2154installations. It seemed like a proper challenge for me to get a head start with Arduinos. Luckily a friend of mine had a starters package that I could borrow for this challenge and I started to experiment with all different sensors, lights and motors to build electrical circuits. I have learned a lot from experimenting with this kit and provided me with more insight in programming and how electrical circuits work.

Now I have a better understanding of what the main contents of this study is, I can already think of new challenges for myself. I really like to photograph but I have never really edited photo’s. This could be a good new challenge for the next module because it is very important to have some skills in photo editing for ‘Web Technology’ or courses like ‘Visual Communication’. Photoshop is often used for editing photos and drawings so that would be the software to study. An online course in Photoshop would be a good way to get to know the software better and I can experiment with it myself. When I have mastered the basics of Photoshop and have made noticeable adjustments to my own photos to enhance them, I think that new skill would be good addition to my portfolio.

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