Well hello everybody!

My project group and I have just submitted our interactive video ‘We Create History’. We have worked seven weeks together to make this video. Now that the project has been finished, I can look back at the results and I am very proud of it. The overall went all well. Some of the group needed some extra motivation but we have solved that quite quickly with the whole group.We had a very diverse group and everybody had different qualities. This was a very handy in this project because we had a diverse set of tasks.

Today we had the end exhibition of this module. Everyone presented here their project video, portfolio website and programming assignment. It was very inspiring to see all the work of my fellow students. Everyone has its own style and you can see that reflected in all the assignments.


Dear viewer,

We hereby invite you to come and have a look at our project of the first module ‘We Create Identity’ of Creative Technology. We have made a short film for you about our own human history. The best part is that you can make your own decisions for our history. So, go and make your own new history with our interactive film; HERE