The title of this Module is ‘Smart Environments’. Therefore the main topic for the project is called Smart Cities. Forming a group with students having diverse expertise engineering, designing, organising, industrial and imaginative was highly recommended by the Module’s coordinator. Moreover, we have formed an all-round group of six young ladies that come from diverse backgrounds: India, Europe and the Caribbean. Besides diversity in skills, there is also a global point of view and different ways of communication.

Jason Eunen, a contributor of the company ‘Recognize’, presented two projects on November 22nd, 2016, where our group was fortunate enough to get chosen to work with him and the company. Jason is a former student of Creative Technology, so he knows where the limit to our knowledge stands and can accompany us throughout this project.

The case presented by ‘Recognize’ is that the ambulance is having difficulties maneuvering through the traffic and reaching their patients on time. This case was really appealing because it is a real life problem that the ambulance often face. After continuous research, img_2604the fact that the Netherlands has so many different road types concludes that it is impossible to take them all into account for this project. The main focus is creating a functioning system for smart traffic lights. In the beginning, there were multiple ideas on how to tackle this problem, but the cons outnumbered the pros, which lead to this simple solution.

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