Module 7 Entrepreneurship

This module was the business module. With a group of 5 students we have created the idea for the company Mondit.

The use of plastic is increasing in the production process, although being bad for the environment. (1) One source of plastic being wasted frequently throughout a lifetime is toothbrushes. (2) When you decide you want to buy a non-plastic toothbrush they are not always easy to find in stores nearby. (2) Those toothbrushes also need to be replaced every 3-4 months according to hygiene research, while customers often forget this and consequently risk their hygiene.

Start-up Mondit wants to change this by selling a bamboo toothbrush subscription shipped in all-natural packaging with a chosen monthly interval. ‘A no-hassle service that ships you a plastic-free toothbrush every 1-4 months.’ Meaning customers do not have to worry about (1) leaving a bad footprint on the environment, (2) going to the store or (3) their brush hygiene.

The market of toothbrushes is huge, since most people in The Netherlands use and buy toothbrushes regularly. Today’s market is dominated by a few matured competitors; Oral-B and Phillips. By obtaining only 0.2% of their market, Mondit would already have thousands of customers.

Mondit believes this is possible due to Mondit’s refreshing approach in this matured market. Particularly using the opportunities within the upcoming trends market; namely the growing environmental-oriented lifestyles. This new environmentally-oriented vision within the hygiene world, combined with the subscription services model, brings an unique product to the market that solves above mentioned customer problems.

The growth of the company will be moderate at the start, because of the need to establish awareness in the matured market. Although moderate profit is expected by year two already. Initial profits will be invested in expanding our customer base and a small amount of our revenue will be invested in the planting of bamboo trees, showing the customers that we truly are what we stand for.

Mondit will do this with a team of aspiring students; Geanne Woertink as (CEO), Chantal Vriens as (COO), Maartje Aalders as (CFO), Emiel Steegh as (CTO), & Famke van Meurs as Chief Design Officer. All led by the strong passion to rid the world of plastics, one toothbrush at a time.

New beginning

Well hello!

The second half of the second year of Creative Technology has come to an end. I have joined the study trip ‘ExplorAsia’ and the preparations are being made.

Together with 4 other student we run the Case coordination of the study trip. This committee is responsible for the cases that each participant has to do. They gather them from companies and the Univerisity, then assign one to each student and then keep coordinating them. This way there will be good communication between the company and the student at all times. This casework is beneficial for the companies because they can outsource work that they may not have the right people available for. Also we will likely do the work for a lower price!

The casework is beneficial for the students because we get practical work experience in a field of interest that we will probably also encounter on the study trip. At the moment, Case Coordination has been contacting companies, together with Corporate Contact, to find suitable cases for all students. The first cases are already in progress! Coming months we are going to find cases for everyone and they will support the students until the work is done! Unfortunately,


Well hello!

The final model of this year has arrived and what has brought it to us?
Well I have worked now for several weeks on installation:
Starstruck is an installation designed around the Gogbot Festival of 2017 as its setting. The theme of the festival is ‘Intergalactic’ and for our installation, we chose the sub-theme ‘Steering the Universe.’ We chose this because we want to probe the idea for a user to look up at the night sky and have the ability to move the stars, planets, and celestial objects around, in order to ‘reshape the sky’.

In the photos you see a visualization of the installation, our created night sky and our group icon.

We have created the night sky in Maya 2017 and exported it to Unity. In Unity a program has been written so that through a Kinect V2 the night sky can be adjusted. If you reach out to a star or planet the Kinect will pick up your movement and through this you are able to grab a star and give it a different place in our created universe.

If you like what you hear, come and have a look at our installation at the Smart experience lab in the Zilverling at 6-7-2017 from 13:30 till 16:30.

See you there!



The title of this Module is ‘Smart Environments’. Therefore the main topic for the project is called Smart Cities. Forming a group with students having diverse expertise engineering, designing, organising, industrial and imaginative was highly recommended by the Module’s coordinator. Moreover, we have formed an all-round group of six young ladies that come from diverse backgrounds: India, Europe and the Caribbean. Besides diversity in skills, there is also a global point of view and different ways of communication.

Jason Eunen, a contributor of the company ‘Recognize’, presented two projects on November 22nd, 2016, where our group was fortunate enough to get chosen to work with him and the company. Jason is a former student of Creative Technology, so he knows where the limit to our knowledge stands and can accompany us throughout this project.

The case presented by ‘Recognize’ is that the ambulance is having difficulties maneuvering through the traffic and reaching their patients on time. This case was really appealing because it is a real life problem that the ambulance often face. After continuous research, img_2604the fact that the Netherlands has so many different road types concludes that it is impossible to take them all into account for this project. The main focus is creating a functioning system for smart traffic lights. In the beginning, there were multiple ideas on how to tackle this problem, but the cons outnumbered the pros, which lead to this simple solution.


Well hello everybody!

My project group and I have just submitted our interactive video ‘We Create History’. We have worked seven weeks together to make this video. Now that the project has been finished, I can look back at the results and I am very proud of it. The overall went all well. Some of the group needed some extra motivation but we have solved that quite quickly with the whole group.We had a very diverse group and everybody had different qualities. This was a very handy in this project because we had a diverse set of tasks.

Today we had the end exhibition of this module. Everyone presented here their project video, portfolio website and programming assignment. It was very inspiring to see all the work of my fellow students. Everyone has its own style and you can see that reflected in all the assignments.


Dear viewer,

We hereby invite you to come and have a look at our project of the first module ‘We Create Identity’ of Creative Technology. We have made a short film for you about our own human history. The best part is that you can make your own decisions for our history. So, go and make your own new history with our interactive film; HERE


Well hello everybody!

In this study they give you extra opportunities to develop yourself and your skills. This is called ‘Professional Development’. They ask you to find a challenge for yourself that you can achieve in that particular module. At the start of this module I really didn’t know in what direction to develop myself a little extra. I still had to learn more about the different courses and their contents. Two weeks into the module, more of the contents became clear to me. I realized that I had never exposed myself to programming and related subjects. Now that I figured that out, I needed a way to improve that during this module. I found out that Arduino is often used by students for building prototypes and programming img_2154installations. It seemed like a proper challenge for me to get a head start with Arduinos. Luckily a friend of mine had a starters package that I could borrow for this challenge and I started to experiment with all different sensors, lights and motors to build electrical circuits. I have learned a lot from experimenting with this kit and provided me with more insight in programming and how electrical circuits work.

Now I have a better understanding of what the main contents of this study is, I can already think of new challenges for myself. I really like to photograph but I have never really edited photo’s. This could be a good new challenge for the next module because it is very important to have some skills in photo editing for ‘Web Technology’ or courses like ‘Visual Communication’. Photoshop is often used for editing photos and drawings so that would be the software to study. An online course in Photoshop would be a good way to get to know the software better and I can experiment with it myself. When I have mastered the basics of Photoshop and have made noticeable adjustments to my own photos to enhance them, I think that new skill would be good addition to my portfolio.


Well hello everybody!

I have been digging in all my older projects and came up with a few interesting ones. I have posted it, in MY PORTFOLIO.

In this project I present a few series of photo’s. These photo’s are not all from the same project, they are form march 2014 and march 2015. The topic Alienation has been in my thoughts for quit some time and I have done more different projects with this topic as inspiration source.

Well have a look;).


Well hello everybody!

As you can read in the title, today is my twenty third day as a Creative Technology (Create) student. These first four weeks were very busy with all the classes and tutorials. Different subjects to study like Programming, Computer science and engineering, Visual commprogramunication and Intercultural sensitivity. Create is a divers program with a lot international students which brings certain consequences. Forming project groups with international students with different habits is a very interesting experience, but you have to keep in mind that you are different and learn to communicate with each other.

However that is not the only change of this year. Living with fellow students instead of your family also brings challenges and a lot of fun. Doing your own cooking, cleaning and shopping takes time, which you normally would have to do homework or sports. accordingly to all these changes, I needed some time to adapt but am quit settled now.


Well hello everybody!

This post is about my portfolio that I just uploaded to this website. One of my first art series is ‘Futurism’. In this project I have experimented a lot with my camera. If you want to see this project, go to; PORTFOLIO.

Under My portfolio in the menu you can find different projects that I have done or participated in, such as Alienation and Futurism. These projects are from 2013-2014 and where assignments from my high school subject art. In these assignments I have learned a lot about photography and how to use my camera. Photography has become a hobby of mine since then.

Gogbot 8-9-’16

Well hello everyone!

Last week I’ve visited the GOGBOT festival. This festival was about Post Singularity and well I don’t know what would be the first thought in your head. But there was a long and deep silence when I first heard this phrase. So I have read some websites to really understand what this festival was about. First of all, Singularity is about super intelligent machines and this was certainly something that was present in a lot of art that I

The first artwork that I saw was the black and white picture that was formed by a lot of small black and white blocks. The interesting thing was that the blocks were moving, so the image would change slowly. This artwork really
caught my attention during my visit. But it was not the only artwork in the room. Behind me there was a very interactive work that also was quite interesting. This artwork could sense if someone was near and of course this artwork reacted on these movements. The artwork itself would start moving and as a resultguitar-echt the guitars made music.

So I have had a good new experience at this festival and I could recommend it to everyone.