My portfolio

Well hello everybody!

On this page, you can find some projects that I have made or participated on in the last few years.dscn3818 In these projects, I have used a lot of photography and it became an important hobby for me. I really like to capture fleeing moments. During the years I have tried to do this with drawing and painting but my attention was drawn to photography again and again. So I have put a lot of effort in getting to know my camera and experimenting with different aspects as diaphragm and shutter speed.





MARCH 2017

Through a course in Maya 2017, I now have some experience in 3D modeling. In the images above you see my end assignment. I have made a greenhouse with a marble hand that holds a copper beam which can be used as a bench but is also an artwork on it’s own.


During this module titled Smart Environments, our task was to form a team of 4-6 people and demonstrate, build and demonstrate a prototype for the environment Smart Cities. Forming a group with students with a variety of diverse expertise engineering, designing, organizing, industrial and imaginative was highly recommended by the Module’s coordinator. Moreover, we have an all-rounded group of six young ladies that originate from multiple cultures such as India, Europe and the Caribbean. This provides our group with more varied viewpoints which proved useful during the ideation phase.

Jason van Eunen, an employee at the company ‘Recognize’ presented two projects on November 22nd, 2016. Our group was fortunate enough to be chosen to be guided and work with him and the company. Due to his previous profession as a former student of Creative Technology, he had experience as to where the limit to our knowledge stands and could thus effectively guide us through this project.

The case presented by ‘Recognize’ concerns the difficulties an emergency vehicle, specifically an ambulance has when maneuvering through traffic in order to reach and deliver their patients on time. This case appealed to us due to the large societal impact it has. After continuous research, we have concluded that due to the variety of road types in the Netherlands it would be ineffective to use them as the basis of our system. Therefore, our main focus shifted to creating a functioning system that is based on the traffic lights. This was partway our ideation phase which continued with brainstorming multiple ideas.

This is the link to our promo video on Youtube:



Module 2 is already half way. A new period with a lot of new subjects. Sketching was one of these new subjects. We have an eight week course to get us up to speed with drawing so that we can put our ideas on paper. Our teacher gives us many different drawing exercises like straight line, circles and cubes.


I have just started with the study Creative Technology and this course tries to let you work hard on your portfolio. Although these new projects that I have worked on the last few weeks are not comparable to my other projects. I want to show you some projects that I have worked on in my programming course. The fist one was a smaller program that we made to make an interactive creature. I have made a penguin with random colored eyes that floats through the air. By experimenting in the program Processing, I have learned how to use the Processing language and it’s different functions, arrays, loops, Endless Rhythm 1934 Robert Delaunay 1885-1941 Purchased 1970 and figures like circles/arcs/rectangles/ect. The first photo in the gallery above is the result of this program. At the left side of the photo is a small part of the program visible. This was just a smaller project to get you ready for the end assignment, which was: make an artwork from Paul Delaunay interactive. In the gallery above you see multiple photo’s. This painting inspired us and we used it as starting point for our program. We have used 21 arcs to recreate this artwork in our program. You can see in the gallery some results of extra functions we made in the program.
We have used mousePressed and keyPressed to make it interactive with the viewer.



MARCH 2015

This was my second project where I worked with Alienation as inspiration source. This was a little bit bigger project than my first one. So here are some more photo’s.

The idea behind this series of photo’s was to combine some different traditional settings with the opposite sex. Like one of the photo’s where a young lady is wearing a very traditional head.



MARCH 2014
This subject has intrigued my for some time and I was very enthusiastic to work with this as my inspiration. Here you see one of the photos that I made for this series. I tried to alienate some aspects in the scenes that I photographed.





This project is based on the artistic creation Futurism. I have experimented a lot in this project with my camera. This two series of photo’s has different locations, a bowling hall and a pad-crossing.

These photo has been taken in a bowling hall with special lights as you can see on these photo’s. I was looking for special locations for this project because I was trying to give the audience a futuristic feeling when they would look at this series of pictures.

I have explored a lot of settings when I was shooting this series of photos. As you can see in these photos the shutter speed was very slow what created a few aspects of this photo.