I have just started with the study Creative Technology and this course tries to let you work hard on your portfolio. Although these new projects that I have worked on the last few weeks are not comparable to my other projects. I want to show you some projects that I have worked on in my programming course. The fist one was a smaller program that we made to make an interactive creature. I have made a penguin with random colored eyes that floats through the air. By experimenting in the program Processing, I have learned how to use the Processing language and it’s different functions, arrays, loops, Endless Rhythm 1934 Robert Delaunay 1885-1941 Purchased 1970 and figures like circles/arcs/rectangles/ect. The first photo in the gallery above is the result of this program. At the left side of the photo is a small part of the program visible. This was just a smaller project to get you ready for the end assignment, which was: make an artwork from Paul Delaunay interactive. In the gallery above you see multiple photo’s. This painting inspired us and we used it as starting point for our program. We have used 21 arcs to recreate this artwork in our program. You can see in the gallery some results of extra functions we made in the program.
We have used mousePressed and keyPressed to make it interactive with the viewer.