Delain & Photography

So I went to a Delain concert and I decided to take my camera with me.
I thought it would be good idea since I have not been using it nearly as much as I would like to.
The end result? I think it turned out really well. Check out the entire album in the photos section.
Here are some of my favourite shots:


[SCHOOL WORK] Worst pages competition

This is a short analysis of Melle Nieling's website.

Probably the most unique thing about his website is that it has an autoscroll programmed in the HTML header.
It scrolls the page 1% every 0.1 seconds.
The page is filled with animated gifs and a lot of them appear more than once and sometimes are rotated.
The formatting is done using HTML tags and using an external CSS style sheet.

There is a hidden function which simulates an old version of windows, which is interesting.
This is accessible if you click on Clippy the office assistant.

Poster for the Interactive Video Exhibition

Another VisCom assignment.

No. of drivers vs Non-drivers (Infographic)

A little task we had to for Visual Communication. Here's mine.

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