Gold Miner Tycoon

one of the first games I made

A penguin jumping game

my creature for programming


My name is Hessel Akkerman and i'm a first year creative technology student. I've always liked to tinker with technology, and because of that, I already have some technical skills. For example, I can program, to some degree, in C#, and also know a bit of python. Furthermore, I have a litte bit of experience with 3D moddeling/animating and I have worked with php and mySQL. To see some of my work, visit my portfolio.


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Processing creature assignment

My creature that I had to make for programming. I decided to make it into some kind of game, where the penguin jumps over the water. Also, when you move the mouse, the eyes will track the mouse postition

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Gold Miner Tycoon

This is one of the first things I made in the game engine Unity. It is an android game where you try to make money by running a gold mining company. I made it back in August 2016, and it grew kind of big. Right now It has over 50.000 downloads.

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Interactive video project

Our final project for module 1 - click here to find out more

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Clap to launch

my final project for physical computing, by clapping a certain pattern, a program can be launched.