Assignment 5: Peer Website Review

For the last lecture of Web Technology, students were required to deliver a peer review for a fellow classmate’s website. I was tasked with reviewing Sander Slagman’s website which can be viewed by clicking on the provided link. Based on this reflection assignment, I learned numerous helpful points that I could use to benefit my website-making abilities. The peer review offered me insight into a website created using HTML, CSS, and jQuery elements which was refreshing since I have used WordPress to create my own. Moreover, this review highlighted the importance of double-checking one’s work since spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes severely degrade perceived work quality. In addition, when analyzing some of the author’s webpages, I was able to learn which techniques and methods that person used in order to create their website. For example, in the homepage they used relative and absolute positioned DIV elements in order to create columns which could be used to write text and display pictures. Moreover, this person used CSS styling to create DIV elements with some opacity control to allow for a partly transparent, superimposed text box look. In conclusion, I can confidently say that this peer review assignment was extremely beneficial to students in the aspect of better understanding how different websites are made and which attributes exemplify their features as well as which ones diminish from their overall value.

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