Design & Layout Progress Updates

Throughout this past week, I have been considering numerous aspects of design, content, and layout for my website. First off, I would like to present my showcase portfolio as the main attraction of my website in which I can preview some of the work I have been creating as well as introduce the topics I have been studying. As another element of content, I would like to incorporate a section of personal items such as hobbies that interest me. These could include previous pieces of work, photography, and a travel memoir blog. I would like the design aspect of website to be streamlined, minimalistic, and uniform throughout. This would allow for an easy user-interface and navigation of the website. I would like to include a Float DIV element in my drop-down menu which would indicate to visitors which page they are currently on. Moreover, for a further element of multimedia; I would like to include a music player that could loop a previously defined playlist from SoundCloud. This would allow users to enjoy calming music while surfing the website’s content. Finally, I would like to use an image gallery preview which could allow pleasurable viewing of media posted on the website while putting an emphasis on photographs and videos. In conclusion, I hope to make my website an easy-to-use portfolio to showcase my work and hobbies while using up-to-date web technology tools.



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