Two Photographs / Two Verbs

A recent Visual Communication assignment of ours was to use two verbs in conjunction with two photographs to describe the ongoing context. For this assignment, I found inspiration from my cultural heritage in Armenia as well as Egypt. I used a picture depicting the Armenian Genocide of 1915 in which 1.5 million Armenians were massacred by the Turkish Ottoman Empire. On the other hand, I utilized a picture from the 2013 Egyptian Revolution portraying a weeping soldier being consoled by a caring civilian. Moreover, the two verbs I used to describe these pictures were “Persevere” and “Unite”. This is because I believe each scene is perfectly explained through these two verbs. In the picture of the Armenian Genocide, a fallen member of a family is seen being embraced by his relatives. The verb “Persevere” exactly illustrates what the Armenian people accomplished when they fled their motherland in seek of refuge. Additionally, the verb “Unite” describes the determination they had in order to make the best of their current predicament. Next, for the picture of the Egyptian Revolution I believe the verb “Persevere” also portrays the underlying motif that Egyptians undertook in order to oust a dictatorial regime not once, but thrice, to better their lives. Also, the verb “Unite” shows how civilians and the military stood in solidarity against a common enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood, falsely using religion to achieve their political agenda. I hope you enjoy my work and please leave me any feedback.

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