Who am I?

Hi! I am Alessia Bertana. I am currently a first years Creater, which may sound weird to you but it means that I am studying Creative Technology, which is a new study in Enschede. On this site I will show you briefly who I am and what my interests are. Besides this, I will illustrate some of the projects I have done previously.

About me

After I passed VWO with the profile NG+NT (with Technasium), I decided to do a gap year to develop myself more personally before going to college. With the organization Rotary I ended up doing my exchange in Ecuador where I would stay in one city with a host family. During this year I have not only learned Spanish and I did not only get to know the culture, how cliche it may sound, I got to know myself more.

Fulltime levensgenieter.

The title fulltime levensgenieter is a quote which illustrates exactly who I am. It means fulltime life enjoyer and this fits with me because I am basically always trying to do what I like. I can describe myself as a spontaneous person who loves new challenges but who also works serious and systematically on things. I have always thought with an open mind about things and therefor I love to use my creative mind as much as I can. This is one of the main reasons why I chose Creative Technology. I saw that in this study the teachers stimulate you to think in this kind of way and that really got my interest. Because of the broadness of the study it was also still possible to leave my options open for the future.

In my vision of the future I hopefully will be able to offer a contribution in creating new things that can make the lives of people easier in some kind of way. But until then, you can probably find me in Enschede studying and trying to make this goal possible.




In my second module I made the following four posters:

img/birdhouse.png img/ing.png img/ice.png img/board.png


We recently ended our first module and to make an end to it we had an exposition of all our work. Our posters (for Visual Communication), websites, programs and video-projects were shown here. It was really nice to see other people's work there. You can find most of the work that I did myself in this module in my portfolio on this website.

Click here to see my stuff


I did not upload my content well of the last assignment so for my extra assignment I decided to do the one with comparation. I'm comparing three websites of other students in this table down here.

Timo van Beelen Emil Gravier Geert Mol
Date last post 27-10-2019 15-10-2019 16-10-2019
Number of portfolio items 2 items 2 items 2 items
Social media connetions 1: Contact form 1: Whatsapp connection 1: Contact form
Mobile phone performance Not good, menu doesn’t appear so you can not go further than the begin screen picture Very good Good but the first big picture is not very nice displayed when seen on your phone.
Over all score 4.6 3.6 4.8

The best website of those three to me is the website of Geert Mol. It has a great style, works good and looks very professional. This website also got my highest over-all score, which shows that it's a good website in many different ways.


For this weeks assignment we had to review another students site and grade it. I had to check the website of Timo van Beelen. He used html to make his site and uses external stylesheets from google font and w3schools. Next to this he puts a few extra style details in every page sheet he uses.

Reviewing another site was actually very handy. I saw a lot of things that I might still want to add on my site too, for example, a scrolling menu.

See the site


Check out my new two portfolio items!

Click here to see


For my site I used several styling codes to make it look more beautiful. For example, I chose to use an automatic photo slider. To realise this, I had to upload the photos that I wanted to use in FileZilla and put them all in a code in the following way:


After doing this, I created a content with the specifications of how to display the pictures and put this above the code I wrote above here.

Another thing I did with the style was for example making a darker background, which is already easier to explain. In all of the contents that I created, I used the code:


I recently posted someting in my portfolio on the site. Go and take a look. Click here


Since two weeks we started the video project. In this project the main purpose is to make an interactive movie in which the watchers decide what happens further in the movie with a decision. I am in a group of five people.

We got the story for the movie very fast and immediately started. Right now we are busy making the script and with thinking about a place to film and for background music. The plan is to begin filming very soon so that we have enough time to edit and if necessary, to re-make a few scenes. I think we are already all good on track and I am very happy with the team.


Before I started my study, I have done an exchange year in Ecuador and because of the fact that this year has brought me so many things, I decided it was worth to write about it.

The city I have lived in was called Portoviejo and over the year I lived there in two families. I participated in the normal student life there by going to the exam class in high school (but I had already passed my VWO exam in Holland so for me it was not necessary to pass). Next to school, I also did some other activities like swimming (I was also voluntarily teaching swimming to kids here), dancing in the University of Portoviejo and ofcourse to get more into the culture, I met up with the people from there after school.

I have learned quite a lot out of my experiences that I had this year. Ofcourse, I became more independent and learned the language, but most of all I ganed more self-confidence and I realized more about what kind of person I am myself. Because of the full culture experience I am also able to adjust very quickly to new circumstances.


It has now almost been a month since I started college which is crazy. This month in a short line for me would be ‘many changes in a short time’. Living on your own, being in University with way more freedom, maybe getting into sports or other associations.

Myself, I this month decided to join one of the student associations in Enschede, which is called Taste. Besides this I might join another sport association or maybe join one of the commission teams.

But this is only a month on a year basis. More than enough time to see what possibilities there are.

Date: 11-9-2019

In my site it's possible to see the following things:

    About me Blog Projects Contact

I made some examples of how I want to make my site in the following pictures. I want to show especially the things that I have done (projects) and also by showing what makes me different from others by also blogging about things I go through and that I like. This is what I hope to get but I might add some more things to make it a little less standard. Right now I think I am good on my way to get where I want to get.

img/design1.PNG img/design2.PNG

Date: 6-9-2019

I have been to the GOGBOT event in Enschede, which is an event held annually where there will be an exposition of different projects made by students from different studies. It was very interesting to see and, in a lot of cases, even do. All of the projects had a purpose to show the people and most of them were expressed by an interactive project.

Of all the installations I have seen, I think the one that the one of Embry-o-matic was the most impressive one. I liked a lot of the projects. It kept making me very curious what would come out of the tiny ball that came out of the machine. Honestly, when I first saw this installation, I thought the machine would just make a picture of you and another person and show you the baby together. Because of the fact that I was totally wrong, it made everything even more impressing. I think that is the main reason why to me this was the most impressing project.


Date: 3-9-2019

My first days at the University were really weird to me. This is first of all because of the fact that I have had a gap year in Ecuador and second of all, its of course way different then high school. We started the year with a kick-in, which means a week of introduction. In those days we got to know the University and new people which you share your study with, which in my case came very handy because of the fact that I did not know anyone before coming here.

After our kick in it all really started: lectures, tutorials, workshops, everything really. Everything was new and already the feeling of walking into the University with my laptop in my bag gave me a really exciting feeling. The first days we immediately got a lot of practical assignments, which to me was great because I like to work with my hands (and of course creativity) more. Until the moment of now I am still really happy with the study and if those first days were already promising with nice projects, I am super curious what more there will come and what I will learn in the rest of the year.





In my second module, I worked on developping myself more for the subject personal development. I chose to do something with graphics and therefore to learn myself how to work with photoshop. To achieve this goal, I decided to join the GraphCie, which is a commission in PROTO, my study association. The poster above is one of the examples which I made for this commission. In total, I made four posters in this module. The rest of the posters can be found in my blog, click on the following link:

Click here to see the posters

Video project



Last week we had our final exposition where we could show our video. I can say proudly that my group became thrid when there was a voting that day. It was great working on this project and we are all very proud of the result. Click on the next link to see our own-made interactive movie.

See the movie

Heads Visual Communication



For the course Visual Communication we had a project in which we had to create heads based on a story we wrote.

Intercultural video


With my group for a project of the course Intercultural video, we made a video about culturedifferences.

Young Solar project


In the fourth grade on my high school in Lelystad, I had the chance to enter a new project named 'The Young Solar Challenge'. I was challenged, with my team of eight team members, to make a solar boat out of only wood and some other stuff. It was a huge thing for us. We sometimes even spent nights staying in school to work on the boat to get it ready for the competitions. We made it to the over-all fourth place of all the 11 solar teams, which is quite good! Extra information

Contact me

For if you have any questions or for if you want to contact me, leave me a message: