We Create Identity Video Project

November 10, 2017

After many weeks of meetups, endless tostis and coffee we were finally able to finish our video project. It was a huge endeavor and the result can be found here. Since there are many videos and they total to 3GB it is not reasonable to host them at this site. That is why I only […]

Peer Review of a portfolio

October 17, 2017

This week we were supposed to peer review the website of our class mates. This type of work is one of my favorite part in CreaTe. You create something, show it to people, and get their feedback, the same as Visual Communication class. The website I reviewed was built completely by hand with a combination […]

Second Portfolio Item

October 4, 2017

I uploaded my second portfolio item. It was the project we presented in Munich for Haptics 2017 student innovation challenge.

Haptics 2017 Student Innovation Challenge

October 4, 2017

The IEEE World Haptics 2017 conference in Munich held an innovation challenge for students. We attended the event as a team of two from Turkey. For the challenge each year they present a different haptic device, and ask participants to create an innovative demo out of it. In 2017 the device we used was Haply […]

Custom Colors For the Site

October 4, 2017

I have updated the site’s default theme to match my preference. Since I like the midnight color scheme from wordpress I wanted to use the composition. On the left we have the old scheme, and on the right is the new theme. I added additional CSS to change the menu bar color as by default […]

Update#2 on We Create Identity

September 27, 2017

We have several updates for the module project on “We Create Identity”. We made two meetings so far to discuss about story and structure of story. How scenes should be filmed, where the scenes should take place. We also assigned the roles on who should edit, storyboard, act, learn Ximpel. We are hoping to start […]

First portfolio item

September 27, 2017

My website is starting to take shape. Here I uploaded my first actual portfolio item. I’m still undecided on the amount of information to show, the specification of project, and how it is done etc. Evey thing is on work in progress state as usual.

Video Mapping on Diorama

September 27, 2017

The company I worked for on 2016 was responsible to renovate an old bank building and create a museum out of it. As the developer I was responsible for implementing interactive installations. Our project was to project light on city diaroma neighborhoods. The user would push the buttons on the panel allocated for different neighborhoods, […]

Portfolio Design Sketch

September 20, 2017

I hope I’m not doing something overkill. Either way, the implementation can be spanned on multiple modules. To create timeline, I will have to write my own code. For portfolio items, there is already a WordPress theme, which is currently online on the website

Gogbot Visit

September 20, 2017

I visited Gogbot Festival twice. The first time was on Thursday night. I thought there would be exhibitons at the Atak night club. However, all the exhibitions are closed by 23.00, which meant I wasted 7.50 euro on really bad techno music. The second time I went there Friday afternoon. Since it was raining and […]