Portfolio Design Sketch

I hope I’m not doing something overkill. Either way, the implementation can be spanned on multiple modules.

Here is my initial sketch on how portfolio should be presented:

To create timeline, I will have to write my own code. For portfolio items, there is already a wordpress item.

Gogbot Visit

I visited Gogbot Festival twice. The first time was on Thursday night. I thought there would be exhibitons at the Atak night club. However, all the exhibitions are closed by 23.00, which meant I wasted 7.50 euro on really bad techno music. The second time I went there Friday afternoon. Since it was raining and I had little time left to take the train, I picked two places to go which were both indoors.

While some projects looked like they are still on concept level, there were few quite impressive and finished projects.

The worst Exhibition:

I can put here only the picture of what I saw. There were videos on each screen at picture above. To me all the frames were pointless as it is on this picture. Looks quite random, loud, and seizure inducing. Some installations are meant to give negative reaction. This one gave me mostly indifference. So, it fails to deliver on emotional level if it is meant to impress or annoy.

A rather good and technical exhibition:

This installation is done by Freerk Wieringa. When visitor pushes a button, the dog stands up on four legs and does some animation. The actuators based on air pistons. Since the subject is rather big and metal, when it moves it was menacing.

The best installation:

Unfortunately I don’t have a proper picture for this exhibition. In this exhibition Fiber optic cable connected on both ground and ceiling are turned by motors on the ceiling side. They twirl together at the same time to changing frequency. The resulting motion feels hypnotizing, and it was this exhibition that I observed the most. It was created by Gabey Tjon a Tham.