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"Interaction Video Project"

Link to our Interactive Video

The concept of our video was a combination of GTA (the video game, Grand Theft Auto) and a driving test. This Video has two main actors, Jasper and Rick. Jasper had a normal driver’s license test. He was late and was looking for the examiner. He saw Rick in the car and assumed that he was the examiner. However, Rick was not the examiner but the villain. He was aggressive at the beginning but as he realised that he can test Jasper to be his sidekick, he changes his attitude. He was pretending as if he was an examiner, and therefore Rick asks Jasper to choose strange things. Rick gets angry when Jasper chooses the ‘correct’ choices. You get points when you choose the choices Rick likes, which are dangerous and illegal, while choosing the ‘correct’ choices will result in the viewer receiving negative points/having points deducted. We have four different endings depend on the last choice and the negative/positive points.

"Javascript Workshop"

Oct 03, 2018

I attended the Java Workshop on 19/09/2018. I learned how to programme a game and I had to modify it to my own. I chose to modify my "creature" from programming class which was in form of Processing Source Code into Javascript. The koala stays as a background while random coloured balls bouncing around it.

VisCom - Humanizing

Sept 27, 2018

The third assignment of Visual Communication was to take photo of the objects and photoshop it to humanaze the presentaion which was the second assignment. My presentation was about the history, the ending of ancient civilization. Therefore, I took pictures of the objects which represent time, hope, and unreachable. The night sky represents the time. The two dandelions in different stages of their life cycle represent the time with the hope. The brick used as a mouth representing unreachable.


Final Module Expo

Nov 08, 2018

Last Tuesday, Nov 06, we had Final Module Expo. I was voluteering for building up the expo and I think I learned a lot from it. There was the interaction videos from each video project group and the final VisCom posters. The final programming assignments of few people were also displayed. It was really enjoyable time to share what we have learnt during the first module and to exhibit the end results and present it to the parents, teachers, and the other visitors.


Oct 17, 2018

Link to the website I reviewed

First of all I really liked the design of the website. The website was built with WordPress with minimal-portfolio theme also with CSS, plugins, and Javascript. Also the comment box that people can leave comments about her posts were impressive. The menu instead of the navigation bar keeps the page clear and it is easy to direct where I am and how to get to the another page. The codes were so complicated comparing to the ones without the thems. I analyzed the contact page of the website(https://portfolio.cr.utwente.nl/student/hyejiyun/contact/). The class entry-content exist but there is no content typed. The entry-title contact(h1) and page-title contact(h2) exists. By reviewing other website, I learned that it is more hard to understand the structure than creating it. Furthermore, I could see structures of some other themes and also how could the designs differ or improved.

"Personal touch" to the website

Oct 03, 2018

Html, CSS, and Javascript/JQuery are used to build my website. I modified stylesheet(style.css)to change or build the components such as the background, font, colours, and navigation bar. Navigation bar which it sticked to the top right was mainly modified from various examples through the stylesheet. I found that it is hard and takes a lot of time to build the website without theme since I have to search and learn all the examples I need and modify and put them together.

Announcement!-new piece added to the portfolio

Oct 03, 2018

We Create Identity Project - Interactive Video

Sept 26, 2018

Part of the script to avoid spoiler.

We were assigned to work as a group to make a interactive video. So far, during our first group meetings, we discussed few ideas for our video project. We set up the basic story during our second meeting and today I uploaded a script. Even though the script is missing few lines now, it will be completed before this Friday and we will be able to organise shooting.

Announcement!-new section of my website

Sept 26, 2018

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Portfolio Showcase section is now available.


Sept 17, 2018

I liked the "BRAIN TO THE FUTURE" the most. It was the easiest installation to understand the concept and to enjoy. I liked it the most because I could experience what I chose and also that I had the chance to enjoy the installation with enough time and relatively quiet place. I had a chance to have a short conversation with the student who built it. Even though it was not my first time meeting a CreaTe student since I had enough chances such as open day and matching event, it was a new experience to meet them as a host of installation in a festival. It was a surprise that most of the installation was built by second year students. It was meaningful to me to actually see what students can do after a year of learning because I went there after struggling in Programming class. Even though the VR itself was amazing, hearing how the team worked meant a lot as a first year student of CreaTe.

The installation irritated me the most was the techno booth at the back. I could not find any other installation irritating since it had all different identity and I thought it is not irritating but unique even if it was little unfamiliar or difficult to understand. Some of the installations were not working well, but I was disappointed about what I was looking forward, not irritated. However, the techno booth was too loud that I could feel that the ground shaking. Even though every music is loud in the festival I personally do not prefer techno, it was irritating that is was too loud for me. Except for that, the festival was really nice and it motivated me to be do my best in my study. And it was also a great opportunity to think about the responsibility and capability of human and AI of future.

Blog Design

Sept 17, 2018

The navigation bar containing About Me, Portfolio, and Blog has been made. The left margin was created for About Me section and the right margin for the blog postings. The navigation bar does not function so far, however, when the portfolio section is made, it will navigate to the portfolio section or blog section.


Ari Lee