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My name is Sterre, I was born on 16/6/1999 and I just started studying Creative Technology at the University of Twente. I like to make art, I love (my) cats, photograph now and then (eventhough it's not that impressive), play guitar and climb indoors. I'm just a dork who dreams a lot! A few former teachers of mine often described me as a "verwarde professor". I can agree with that, but I don't think (or, well, hope,) that I'm always like that. When it comes to work and planning, I'm very organised. I also love to talk, eventhough I seem shy at the first encounter. That's just me dreaming away or not knowing what to say. Currently I'm learning to speak Japanese, which is a lot of fun, but also hard work. I try to keep up with it, but sometimes I totally forget that I'm learning it.

As a creative Technologist, I want to change the world in a positive way with the knowledge I'm going to gain. I want to create a peaceful and green place. I've always wanted to make a good impact on our planet, and I hope I can actually make that dream come true. I hope you enjoy my website! Please have a look!



A Fairy

This watercolour was made in Scotland and was inspired by the magical the Isle of Sky.



With the painting above I tried to create a feeling of freedom and or acceptance.


Bi-ing yourself

The pattern and colours of her sweater have the same colours as the bisexual flag.


More than one

I made several WallEs for programming. I first made one WallE, then several. It was fun!



This is art I made for Inktober. In october there is a trend to draw everyday a drawing with ink.



I made my cat when he was sleeping. He is very cute and fluffy and that's why I drew him.


Personal Touch

HTML Code for the website I think it's difficult to say what I "personalized". I added and deleted a few things from a template I used so I'll describe what I changed.

The first thing I changed was the order. In the template I used, the Portfolio was first, and the about section was later. Later I decided to add bars between the sections. I also made a Blog section, since that was neccessary for the website. I decided to have it on the same page as the about me section and the Portfolio.

I changed the Portfolio section quite a lot. When you click on an image, you will go to a whole new page with more information about what's displayed in the image. That's something I'm really proud of, since I think it's great if a website has this.

What's also personal is the background I used. The old background was too boring. I did not enjoy it, eventhough it looks professional. I like the background I used better, but I'm not entirely happy with it. I do think it looks more personalized because of this.

What's more is that I shrinked the size of the menu bar. I thought it took too much space. I also changed a few details in the menu bar, like the icons, and I linked it to my instagram.

I still want to change some things, but I think it's definitely different from the old template I used!

Second Portfolio Post

Today I added a few other pieces to my Portfolio. I added the WallEs to my Portfolio and some art. Here is a link with more information about the WallEs. (You can also scroll up and click on the image with the WallEs!) I started with this in the first week and I'm still working on it right now.

We Create Identity

So this week is my third week studying Creative Technology. It feels way shorter than that. Some things are still new to me (like the buildings). Everything goes by really fast! I've met a lot of fun people. I'm still trying to find my way, but I'm getting there. (I've probably said that a lot to myself.)

WallE figure made with Processing But yeah, the actual study itself. I really like the study. It's different from what I expected but not in a bad way. I actually think it's cooler than what I thought it was going to be. I do have the feeling that we don't have work a lot yet. I think it's cool that I already made a website like this and that I can program a bit. With programming I made the figure WallE. When you click you will see a different background, and a plant appear in the hands of WallE. I also made a class WallE, that is easier for me to make an extra WallE figure. We will be doing that in the distance future, which is going to be fun. I hope I can add a few more interactive aspects sooner or later.

I'm also working on this website. I'm using a template, but I've modified a few things. I've changed the order and I've figured out the background! I also changed some small details, like the icons next in the menu bar. It took me a while to figure that out, but it worked! What seriously took a long time was to find out how to link my instagram to my Portfolio website. It was eventually really simple.

First Portfolio Post

It was already there, but I've added some art in my Portfolio section. If you click right now you will get more information about the paintings! You can scroll up, but you can also click here to check out my first post. You can also check out the other images in the Portfolio section!

Sketch for this Website The Portfolio website

Last week I started with the website I've right now. Before I started, I made a few sketches. Since I thought that my ideas were too difficult for the website I wanted, I looked at different templates. I'm happy that the photo section is present, as is the Blog section and the About me section. I would like to change it a bit though. It would be better when you click on for instance the photo's, you would go to another page with more information about that photo. The Blog section is in my opinion finished, I think it looks 'cool' this way. I don't know how I have to do that, but I will figure that out.

I also want to changes the bars between the sections. Some do not cover the whole page. Something that's still missing is a background photo. I wanted to do that, but have no idea how, and I also have not really looked into that. I will try to do it.


Thursday afternoon I visited the Gogbot festival. I saw a lot installations, but I'll only discuss the one I liked most and the one that irritated me a lot. The installation I liked most was Bus Lightyear. The whole setup was worked out. You were in a spacecraft, which was more than the other Visual Reality games had done. The other Visual Reality games weren’t as elaborated from the outside. I also liked the details in the space craft. There were a few buttons, a chair you could sit in and a screen where you could see how much oxygen was in the spacecraft. There was a big screen in front of me, that showed a universe where you travelled through. Everything felt so unreal and so real at the same time.

Moon of Gogbot What I liked most about the installation was that it was interactive and well made. I had a lot of fun being in there. The other installation did not give me that feeling. A lot of installations were just standing and you couldn’t do something. That’s one of the reasons I like Bus Lightyear the most. You were experiencing the whole game, you did not look for a while and moved on to the next part. To me the other installations were in that aspect quite a bore. The most important aspect was that I felt like I was in an entirely new world. I was somewhere else, and I did not have that feeling when I was in the other installations. The whole concept of being in space was amazing to me. Even though it wasn’t real, it was just incredible being in space. I probably also liked it more than the rest because it was my first Visual Reality experience ever, and that will always have a special place in my heart. For me it was the main event of all the installations.

I don’t recall the name of the installation I hated most, but I can clearly tell why I was annoyed by it. It was an installation with around twenty tablets on the ground, and one big screen behind the tablets. The screens all showed a short animation that was looped over and over. You could hear audio coming from the tablets or audio installations that were nearby. The animation was a mix of random characters and animals. A random figure would appear and it would turn around. I recognised a few images, cats, some Pokemons which were modified a bit, a few computers and/or television installations, parts of the female body and a character known by Japanese culture, Miku Hatsune. The images were displayed with a rapid speed, and the light of the screens were flashing as well. Because of the speed and the light, I was very annoyed by everything. Not to mention the loud noise you could hear. The ‘music’ was a sound that was repeated. The sound was a short fragment of a computer that was making noise. The installation was thus extremely loud, seriously overwhelming and confusing. It became too much. The place where it was installed was a bit crowded and stuffy. I wanted to get out, as soon as possible. I don’t think I ever felt that uncomfortable when seeing ‘art’.

For me the purpose was unclear and the installation itself was very annoying. I didn’t like it because it made me somewhat anxious.

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Twente, the Netherlands


Hi there! I hope you liked my site.


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