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Smart Environment


Our group project for Smart Environment last module is Smart Platform. I worked on documents,collecting informations.Edited the video in the end.

We first started thinking about problems that we encounter in real life, a problem we can identify with. We all travel by train, and it is not always the best experience.

The focus was set on the time before a train arrives, as we noticed a few things when talking about information about trains before they actually arrive.

We noticed that there are two obvious problems during passengers waiting for a train. Some people are not waiting where the doors will be, this becomes a bigger problem when a passenger wants to ride in the first class. Another phenomenon is shown as the uneven spreading of passengers throughout the train. Often there are passengers standing on one side of the train because it is too busy, while on the other side of the train there are still many spots available. If passengers used the entrances on the emptier sides of the train, this problem could be reduced. So we chose the Smart Train Entrances as our theme for the project which can solve those fixed problems in an affordable, efficient and direct way.


Here is link to the video


Arduino Piano


The final project for physical computing, we decided to make a keyboard which not only sensing the touching,but also the light.

I think it will be fun to wave our hand in front of the "piano" and maybe hiding the arduino in a tree,in a wall to make music when people walk through.

Later,I will show my video in the Portfolio





In this week, our assignment on physical computing is to build a SunTrack with Arduino and servo.

I build it with three LDRs to make the Tracker more sensible and cover more area. In the Arduino code, I did my best to make it shorter and clearer with a loop.


End Exhibition of

We CreaTe Identity


About the End Expo, I think it was really nice. I was so excited to see so many amazing videos made by other groups, and of coure I am so proud of our video. Thanks to two organizers who made the Expo really enjoyable,thanks.




Talking about other things which can be my proud,I think my own font which I named it "Bao" I will show it in my Portofolio after I discuss all the advantages and leaks of it.


And I'm working on an app for jewlery magzine, cooperating with several universities which have majors on art and design in China.I hope I can finish it before 2017.











Video Project


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Our Group Members

  • Ikmareka Hunt
  •  Jonne Schoneveld
  • Niels Dalen, van 
  • Emiel Steegh
  •  Aiwu Sun







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General information:
My first impression about this site is that it is very nice and has got a concise layout. The calendar on the right side really impressed me and you can know there is something new on the website by the color of the date blank on calendar (The background of the date turns into white when the web is updated) . It provides the home page, portfolio, blog, and self-introduction . Everything works well, though I think his home can have more things below ”Welcome and I hope you will enjoy” ,such as a picture slide of recently works. At the bottom of the right part, it is good to have a searching function and some links to the recent posts.
The layout is tidy and the color of the text fits the background well, also font is suitable. I will enjoy it more if there are not so many empty space (Margins) .
The portfolio has a clear menu which shows a sufficient amount of works at the moment, including her works in high school and her post in Visual Communication. Every works have good quality and clear information about the work such as the date ,name and a short introduction as well.
In the blog, all the assignment is there. The text in blogs is in good order with nice fonts ,and the links in blogs can work well.  

The function is good and clear because I know which page I am looking, every links work well and the search engine in the site is a good idea.
There is no telephone number, e-mail address, and regular address, but you can connect her with ”The Reply” below each blog and portfolio. It’s good to have a feedback function instead of posting your own address and phone number on the web, and make visitors easier to contact her (only needs to fill in the e-mail address).


Personal Touch


My theme on the website can be summarized as"Picture goes first",I had designed four different style of website from the first week(you can see them in my portfolio),and the only thing which never changed among those four is my idea about "Picture goes first".

Most of time,pictures attract more attention and can clearly show your works and of course easy to understand.That's the reason I use words and sentences to "decorate" my pictures.


New Announcement


My figure on Processing in Programing course———a panda playing with a ball which can move according to the real physics. For More Details,please go to my Portofolio Page,or just click the Link below


GOGBOT Festival


Among those programs in OUDE MARKT, my favorite is Speculative Capital which was shown as a man lying there with a lot of sensors and data wires on his special suit. The man explained that the program aims to explore the biological power from human body and transform the human power into electricity in order to obtain value from human.
What I've got

it has great value in daily life if it keeps developing, for example, we can make the suit and sensor (heat collector?) lighter and much normal just like a T-shirt which has a battery to contain the electricity you have generated. Imagine it,when we end up a busy working day, we found that” wow, I have generated 20000A! It’s enough for my desk light and computer  
By the Way

The program outside the church is JAAP DRUPSTEEN, it’s quite different from the program inside the church, one is really noisy and one is peace. Yes, I mean I don’t like this Rhythm Live Show



Web Design



My Portfolio

 My Web page for online portfolio is open now!It can be shown well on both mobile and full screen computer.Here is the link to


Progress Update


My figure on Processing in Programing course.A Panda figure(still need update)



Pictures For GOGBOT


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