I have been to the festival twice this year. First, I visited the opening on Thursday evening and my second time was Friday afternoon. This was my first time attending this festival. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, however, I knew that it was all about technology and that this event showed the unlimited possibilities that science and technology have to offer. The opening was quite nice with an inspiring talk and some awards being handed out. After the talking, there was a show in the church. When I walked in the church, there were a view installations of technology, standing near the entrance. It looked quite impressive, with some lights spinning around and the whole mysterious atmosphere. I was optimistic for the rest of the show to come. Suddenly the lights were switched off, and it was completely dark. Some women walked on stage dressed in dresses which were created in the theme of space. The music was building up tension, so I thought, well, there might be more, so I kept waiting for like half an hour. However, suddenly the lights were switched on again and apparently that was the show. That was the most annoying part of GOGBOT. When I returned the day after, I went to the UT CreaTe EXPO. I enjoyed this very much. All the creativity put in some projects really inspired me. For example when I walked past some projects, which were developed only for the purpose of having no purpose. That was something, which leads you to look at a whole other perspective at technological development. I also enjoyed the project called Bus Lightyear. They won a prize, which therefore I think is justified. It was a kind of capsule where you have to wear a VR-set. When you take a seat in the capsule, you start at the Oude Mark and then you take off in to space. It was a nice way of getting immersed in the world beyond earth, space. These last two projects I mentioned, I consider as the best projects at GOGBOT. However I doubted at the first, purposeless machines. I doubted if it was the most annoying thing or the best thing. Eventually I considered it is the one of the best, because it is really about thinking out of the box and opening the eyes of people when they look at technological advancements.

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