End Project: Interactive Video

In my blog, I told about the end exhibition. Everybody of CreaTe presented their work and so did we. We also presented our work. An interactive video. I added a screenshot of the video.

We tried to make a video out of something casual but still try to make it nice to watch without getting bored.

I think it turned out pretty well. People had to laugh when they watched our video, so I think that’s a pretty good sign.

I really enjoyed the end project, I hope next projects will be just as fun.


End exhibition

Yesterday we had our ”closure” of the module. We had the End Exhibition. Everybody showed their creations of the module. Among all the different presentations, there were some really nice projects. Our group also had an interactive video at the event. Almost every one of CreaTe was present and it was very nice to look at the other video projects of other groups. The day was very well organized by the students.

For more information about our Project, click Here.



Peer review

I had to review the site of Freerk Reitsma. If you are interested in his site, click Here.

Actually, I learned a lot from reviewing a site. You learn to see a site from the eye of the visitor. When you see a site from this perspective, you really take notice of difference things, then when you just make a site. You pay more attention to for example user-friendliness of a site.

The main points of reviewing the site of Freerk were, just add some color and create a more vibrant look. Also, make an indicator somehow that shows where you currently are on the website. There are no further remarks. The rest of the website was well built and did exactly what it supposed to do.

This site is made by HTML coding. There are no plugins or galleries used.

New personal touch

When I chose the theme, something really bothered me at the start… The font of the main text.

The font of the main text really bothered me, because it was too tiny and too bold. That’s why I decided to do something about it, and now I think it really improved the look of the pages because it gave my site a brighter and cleaner look. First, the font was Libre Franklin, I changed the font to Eras Light. I also edited the color of the font. This way, the color matches more with the picture of the audio jack. The gray connects the darker images with the lighter image. By doing this, the transition is smoother and the site overall looks less dark.


A little bit of music

When I was told to add a new piece of creativity to my portfolio, I doubted what I would put in here. But then I decided to add a fragment of one of my saxophone recordings. I decided a while ago that I didn’t only want to play music but also record my music. So I bought a microphone for my saxophone. This is one of my first recordings with that microphone. I recorded it approximately a year ago. The recording lasts for half a minute or so. I recorded this song twice by first playing the song, and after that, I recorded over it by playing it again. So all the saxophone stuff is mine.

My Programming progress

The first thing I can show for my progress this far is my project I have to make for programming. The car in the picture follows the mouse from left to right. When the car hits the stickman, it falls and screams. When you ”drive” further, the stickman screams desperately.



Progress Update

Currently, I am in my fourth week of my study Creative Technology. Started module one: Create Identity.

We just made progress with our main project to make an interactive movie. We already have thought of a scenario and wrote the entire script. We are actually on schedule so at the moment there is nothing to worry about, schedule-wise. This evening we are ready to film the whole thing. The upcoming weeks we will edit the material which we shoot this evening and hopefully, we are finished before the due date of the 5th of November. The rest of the subjects are going well for me, there are no difficulties whatsoever at this point. However, maybe maths will be a bit challenging, but I will have to find that out later this course.

Sketch of my website

I got the assignment to make a sketch for my website. Describing the basic structure and contents. So in this post, you find the basic structure of my site. In the future, it is very likely that it will undergo some changes related to menus and layout.