Teachable machine in p5.js

A few weeks ago I started improving my p5.js skills and I followed a tutorial from the coding train about making a program with teachable machine. Teachable machine is a program from google in which you can very easily make machine learning models that can be implemented in other programs. You start with giving the program ‘samples’ of a certain object that it needs to recognize. These samples consist of a lot of images taken from your webcam or uploaded

Final module expo #1

last Wednesday was the final expo of the first module. It was really great to see the short films other groups had come up with. Everyone had a different topic and integrated the choices in a different way. There were even some films that almost looked somewhat professional. The video project group charlie rightfully got the first place award. Their video was one the short film that looked almost really professional. They really used some beautiful shots in their film

Video project final result

Last week we presented and finished our final result for our video project. Below are a short description of the movie and a download link for our video. The title of our movie is: “Project gone wrong”. The story is about two guys, Maarten and Peter, who have to work on a presentation together. The teacher then gives them a bad grade, you can then choose to blame the other person. Are you going to be the bad guy, or

Programming sports day

Last week I participated in the programming sports day. It was a full day with only programming in groups of 4. I was put in a group with Jochem Sallander Noa Barneveld and Linde Voskamp. Each group was given three random words. Our words were: flying, pirate and squirrel. The program you made in your group had to be based on those three words. We decided to make a game in which you control a flying pirate ship that’s being

Video project almost finished

We have decided on a topic and the script for our video project is now fully complete. The title of our video is going to be: project gone wrong. Our video is going to be about Peter and Maarten. Peter and Maarten boths just started going to university. At first they become friends. They have to give a presentation about the binary system. They fail the presenation, and everything goes downhill from there. Are you going to blame the other

website update 1.1.0

Today i changed a few tings about my website, these are the main changes i made to the original theme : i changed the color using some additional cs I used inspect on all the orange objects. And the changed the color. In the example below i changed the color of the border of the header image. .page-header { border-top: 3px solid #0188c9; } I added my own header image. later i cropped the image because it took to much