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Assingments and projects from the first year and an extra course I followed.

Hybrid Worlds (project module 8)

Explanation project During this project we made a physical data visualisation. The data that we are showing is about the level of threatening of mammals. Visitors of our installation can pick the data they would like to see manually by selection by region, threat or mammal. The tree is the physical visualisation part. It has 18 branches and each of those shows a mammal and their color shows the level of threatening. A legend is placed at the console, so visitors are easily able to see how much a mammal is threatened. It is more than just a physical visualisation, because it is quite educative and children like to play with the branches. This kind of interactivity can be good to involve the kids even more.

3DModelTree WoodenBase WorkInProgress FinalInstallation ProjectGroup

Pictures of the installation

Have fun and play (project module 4)

This module we had to think about an installation that could stand at Gogbot. Gogbot is an interactive art festival in Enschede which is held in September. The theme of 2015 is Internet of Things(IoT).

ProjectAbstraxz ProjectAbstraxz

Here you can see what our installation is going to look like.
!!!!!!!! I will add pictures from the finished installation if it is ready.

Living and Working Tomorrow (project module 3)

Smart environments (project module 2)

For module two we had to make a working prototype of a solution for a public problem. We thought that it is annoying if you go to a restaurant or shop and they are playing music you don't like. That's why we came up with UME (United trough Music Everywhere). If you have a playlist on a card, then the NFC-reader is able to read that list and combine it with people that are already inside. It will play the most popular song, so the songs that the most people have in common.

Project video

We create identity (Project module 1)

This is the end result of the project of module one. We had to make an interactive video and we decided to make a detective. The choices you make influence the possibility that you are going to find out what happened to the victim.

Interactive video Awesome-4

Visual Communication

The last assignment was to make a combined infographic. I made this with Gelieke Steeghs. It is about the places where our classmates live and how they prefer to travel.


Extra course: Woodworking and the follow-up course

In the second module I chose working with wood as extra course. We learned to work with materials and which materials you should use depending on what you want to do. I found it really helpful and interesting.
In the follow-up course of working with wood, we were challenged to realize our own ideas. The first lessons we got inspired and thought of ideas we could make.


This was my final 'project'. I was free to make whatever I wanted and I could use the techniques that we taught during the earlier weeks. I made an owl and his stomach consists of smaller layers on top of each other.

eighth lesson

In this picture, you see the end result of the follow-up course. It is a tree which consists of two parts that can be put together. It is supposed to hang upside down.