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Welcome to the blog. I'll be using this to post updates on my projects or for general announcements.

Final Project

Movie project, November 10, 2017

Movie project that was the final project voor module 1

Peer Review

My peer review, Oktober 16, 2017

My peer review of somebody else's website.

Personal Touch

My changes to my website, Oktober 2, 2017

Progress of my changes to my website and template.


Inktober Start, Oktober 2, 2017

My Inktober of this year and it's progress.

We Create Identity

Small update on my current progressSeptember 17, 2017

Small update on my current progress during module 1 and my feelings on a couple of the subjects.

First Showcase Portfolio Piece

September 17, 2017

Small update


Gogbot Festival

Short Gogbot Summary, September 17, 2017

On the 8th of september I visited the Gogbot Festival. During this visit I had the opportunity to look at multiple creations of fellow students who were allowed to show their work there...

Website Plans

Overview of coming changes, September 17, 2017

I'll use this blogpost to keep you updated on what changes might come next on my website and what i'm working on at the moment...