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Peer reviews


After reviewing 3 different sites on their overall performance I think that site Nr. 2 was the best. This site felt the most complete and was easy to use. site Nr. 3 was also quite nice. But especially Nr. 1 felt unfinished. It was interesting to see what other people are doing and you can see that everyone has a different take on making their own site. To see a table about my reviews of these sites click here.



The day before yesterday we were invited to show our work of the first module. This meant that we could show our posters, the processing programs, the websites and our final video project. If you want to see more about the video project, you can click here. I think the exposition took a little to long for the work we had to showcase. But it was a nice event anyway. I think this is a good way to finalize a module, and it is also nice to see the works of other CreaTers.


about me

Hello, my name is Quinten van Bommel, and welcome to my website. I was born in Bergen op Zoom in the year 2000. After a few years we moved to Rheden, a small village near Arnhem. In the year 2019 I finished my VWO at het Rhedens Rozendaal, and started with Creative Technology at the University of Twente.

my experience at the University

I have been at this university for a couple of days now. But it has been an amazing experience so far. I am already really excited about my study. And I hope that Creative Technology is going to be as good as it sounds.