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Student Creative Technology at the University of Twente.

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K.T.D. Bosch

Displaystand for AER

AER is a company started by 4 guys in their 3th year of Creative technology. They came up with this throwable device to shoot areal footage. See their kickstarter

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    AER wants to bring their product on the market in may and decided that they needed a display stand to promote their product. They asked us to design such a device. It had to be in the style of AER, should be interactive and should draw more attention than other display stands.


    A piramid that makes music, Physical computing end assignment.

    Programming project

    With programming I designed an interactive painting by Paul delauny click to go the the program

    Interactive video Project

    The project of the first module was to make a interactive video. To watch it click watch video

    Management Band


    From oktober 2009 till oktober 2005 did I participate in a band.

    Something what started as an occasional band to play at the talentshow of "Het Openbaar Lyceum Zeist". Grew to my biggest passion and most time consumer of the following 6 years.

    As the band startet to make their own songs and had an repetoire of at least 20 minutes. We decided it was time to perform. But how do you get gigs?

    This was the main question what gained the attention of the 13 year old me. I decided that we needed a band mail with professional attitude and linked to all of our own accounts. Besides that we needed a website. It was not needed to be to complicated, just some contact details and some promo material would be enough.

    I asked a friend if he would be able to make this website for us, and with him we lounched our first site.

    Because my fellow bandmembers were really positive about me sorting out this kind of stuff we decided that I would forfill the task as manager.

    This included:

    • Maintain contact with the site guy.
    • Write Gigs and maintain warm contacts
    • To make sure we had transport to get to the gigs.

    About me

    Student at the University of Twente


    Hi guys!.

    My name is Kees Bosch, as you might have noticed. I've started the study Creative Technology at the University of Twente in the summer of 2016. I was born at 25 december 1996 in Amsterdam. Currently I'm living in Enschede.

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    I'm a really energetic and passionated person with loads of hobbys, as you can see on the pictures above. In 2015/2016 did I take a really experiencing gab year. I've worked in and traveled through Australia. In this year, I gained loads of work experience and improved my English a lot.

    Personal details

    If you would like to contact me you could always write a message at "contact".

    If it is a bit more urgent you can contact me in a different way:

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    • Telephone: 0638326955
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    • Postalcode: 7523AD Enschede

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