Peer Review

I recently reviewed another student’s website, click here to access her website.

I learned from reviewing other students websites that you can do anything and there’s no specific structure for it, also while exploring others’ website you get more ideas and designs to make at your own website. The different types of details each website contains gives you more information on what could be included in my website.

More technical information about the website I reviewed, she did her website with a stylesheet. She uses a photo gallery to publish her drawing on her portfolio, she doesn’t use any of the plugins to upgrade her website.

Layout Change

You may recognise some layout changes on my website, I did the background of the paragraphs transparent that you can see the background image clearly. I changed the logo of my website to my nickname Kiro written in Arabic Calligraphy instead of my first name initials. You also may realise that I changed the featured image of the contact page.

Also the font of the paragraphs were changed from Arial to Cairo. While heading 1 was changed from Arial as well to Noto Sans, and heading to from Arial to Alegerya SC. 


The instillation that I liked the most was the Exoskeleton made by Freerk Wieringa. I admired the concept of letting a robot made full out of steel copies every exact movement the one who is in control makes, exact I mean as head movement, legs, arms and waist. As well, everybody likes robots!

The instillation that irritated me the most was cotton wool shooter. It didn’t make any sense making it by shooting every ten days, also there was wire connected to both hands making them cuffed to each other. There many other things but this one I starred at it and didn’t know who would use it.