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This video shows some examples of Creative solutions for problems which could be solved by Creative Technologist.


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  • Final Module Expo

    6 november 2018

    Today we closed the We Create Identity module. There was an expo where you could see each other's projects and compare them with yours. This module we had to make an interactive video which we showed to each other at this expo. It was very fun to see what other groups had come up with and to see what other people thought about our project. There was also an exhibition of the Visual Communication posters we had to make. This was also very cool to see because there were so many different ways to present the poster and it was fun to see the different choices people made. To see the video I presented press continue reading to go to my portfolio page!

  • Peer review

    17 october 2018

    I reviewed the site of Jannis. This is his site. What I really like about this site is that all the colours are matching and the design is very bright. A thing I less like about the design of the website of Jannis is that his site looks a bit boring. I think it is very cool to see that Jannis made the site without using a template or WordPress. Although the CV part of this site does not work, the other parts work great.
    I think the blog part of Jannis’ site is very clear and is much easier to use than the blog part on my website. Now I have seen another way to present the blog I think I know a way to improve my own blog part of my website.
    I am going to analyse Jannis’ blog part because this part intrigues me a lot. I can see he used a lot of CSS code for this part. It is also good to see that his site is very well organised because I understand what he used after looking at it for 10 seconds. He uses simple br comments to get the space between the different blog posts. He uses the font Italic for the whole website which I think might be a bit boring because this way everything is the same. He could use different fonts for the title or subtitle to get his site look prettier.

  • My second portfolio update!

    3 october 2018

    After my first update of my portfolio the second part is there as well. This time I added something which I made on the university. Click Continue reading to go there.

  • We Create Identity Progress

    26 september 2018

    For 'We Create Identity' we have to make an interactive video. Me and my groupmates are currently working on the script of our videa, which is quiet hard. At first we thought the script would not be that hard to make but we noticed it is really hard to make because there are so many things we have to take into account. For example:
    We want to make a suspense video which requires good camerawork otherwise it is going to look sloppy. This requires: good lightning, the correct location and good acting.
    Keeping al those factors in account is quite hard so we need to think this whole process through real good.

  • Gogbot Favourite

    7 September 2018

    This technique estimates your age and your mood. I think this installation has lots of potentials. If it is capable of getting the age and mood right every time it could be worth much. To see more about this installation press: Continue Reading.

  • Website Design

    19 September 2018

    This is my first idea of the design of my website. This design shows what I want to achieve with my website. To see the first picture see the picture on the left. For the whole design of the website click "see picture".

  • Personal Touch

    3 october 2018

    At first I have made a complete new portfolio part. First this was some sort of collage were I was not able to tell something about the pictures. Now I made a tab-gallery. With this tab-gallery you can press the picture from the portfolio. This way it will enlarge the picture and tell some information about it. The second thing I adjusted are all the colors of my website. First the color theme was blue-ish, I did not really like this colortheme because it does not really suit me. Now my website has a orange color theme. This looks much brighter which I think suits me better.

  • Gogbot Least-Liked

    7 September 2018

    This installation showed a horror video about what could happen if you download the wrong things on the internet. Even though I think the message of the video contains things that are true, I do not think the way it got showed was right.