Stijn Brugman

Stijn Brugman

About me

Hello, my name is stijn Brugman. I am 17 years old. I just finished my last year of VWO, and now i started studying Creative Technology at university of Twente.

Creative Technologist (2019 - Now)

Since the month of September i started studying Creative Technology at the university of Twente. The study will equip us students to use the latest smart tehcnology for creating and developing solutions for problems in the world. This can be problems that we occur right now, but also looking at the future. We will be guided to develop ourselves on our own way.


I always loved sporting. Since i moved to Hengelo to study here at the university of Twente, i still play soccer at my hometown. I also tried many different sports. I have swimmed for more then 6 years, i have been going to the gym for over 1 year and many more sports to go.


During my years in highschool, i achieved quite a few thing i am proud of. I have been tutoring people, helping them with mathematics. In my last 2 yeas of highscool i did the Radboud Pre-university college of science. Thats a course with 10 modules, where specific subjects are beign explained very well. And i also have taught childeren form primary school, about Creative mathematics.


I have been working for 3 years at a local grocery store, called Spar. In this store i have fullfilled multiple functions. I have been a cassiere, a baker and someone who helped customers.
Recently i started working at a new restaurant, Spareribs express, where i work at on monday and thursday.



We Create Identity End Exhibition

Stijn Brugman
Nov 6st, 2019
Yesterday we had the Final module expo. It was just great to see, how much al the students as a creater, already had acomplished and made. All the posters we made at Visual communication were shown, all the video projects and even some programs, we made at programming, were shown.

We used a HDMI-cabel to present our end video-project on a bigger screen. During the exhibition, you could earn points, if people liked your video the most. We ended on the 7th place, so we were quite satisfied. If you want to say what our end video-project is, you can press the following link;

Another fun thing, was the fact that i got a mail, the night before the final exhibition, which said that they like my program the most, and that, if i wanted to, i could show it at the expo. Eventually i showed all 3 of the programs i made; My Creature, My end-postcard and the program i made in a team on the Programming sportsday.


Stijn Brugman
Oct 15st, 2019
For our 5th assignment of web technology we had to make a peer-review of a website from one of our fellow students. I made a peer-review of the website from Liam Hayes. If you want to visit his website click the following link: Website_LaimHayes.
Reviewing learned me quite a lot. In first place I thought it wouldn't have an impact on improving my own website, because I was looking at another website. But in the end I noticed, I had a completely different view on my own website. Making a review for another website, taught me to look skeptical at websites, which helped me looking at my own websites. Besides that, it is also a new source of inspiration. You can see how other people took a different approach making the assignment and their website. And I could like to have some elements form others on my own website. The only downside was that this page did have a stylesheet, but he used style in his html. That's why it wasn't really organized.
The technical thing that I liked the most was the navigation bar. He used hyperlinks to redirect to the other pages. So he had multiple .html pages. And in the active html page he used the code < b> ... < /b>, so people can see where they are on his webpage.

Personal touch

Stijn Brugman
Oct 1st, 2019
As you can see, my website has gone throw some major changes. For my webiste i haven't used any template or Wordpress. Everything is made "by hand". Ofcourse some parts of it, are based on already excisting codes, but then i gave it big changes so it was more personal. In the pictures below you can see how i made the "project-boxes". In my sketches you could see i wanted to make boxes, where on the top part there was a slideshow, and on the bottem part some information about the project. I used the following code for that;

At first it looks like the Slide(template) from w3s.schools, but i made a lot of changes, and i added code in the js, so i could have multiple slides. Besides that the slideshow is in combination with a box. And in that box there is text, so thats why it is my personal touch.
I also gave a nice personal touch at my "about me" page. Here i created a short introduction to myself, and then a picture of me. With;
Border-radius: 50%
And some changes in the size of the picture, i created a clear and personal opening to my page.

Update projects Creature

Stijn Brugman
Oct 1st, 2019
I just updated my website, by making a new project post. In this project post you can see my Creature we are developing at programming the last few weeks. You can also see some pictures of the progress i have made. If you click on the image below, you can see my project "creature":

Update Portfolio

Stijn Brugman
Sept 24th, 2019
In my sketch, i already knew how i would want to make my portfolio. I called it "porjects". You have different areas with different projects. Every area has on the top a image-slider, and on the bottem a small explanation. If you want to read more, you can press the "area". Then the project will be completely visable. if you want to see my progress press below:

Video project of We Create Identity

Stijn Brugman
Sept 23th, 2019
2 weeks ago i met our group "bravo". We started just messing around with Video-editing program and a online script maker. Then we decided we should make a schedule. In the first few weeks we diceded we will meet eachother at smartXP every friday morning before lecture. We already had 2 brainstorm sessions and we even started making a script.

Gogbot visit

By Stijn Brugman
Sept 11th, 2019

On the early morning of friday, befor my first lecture of the day started, i visted Gogbot with some friends. First we meeted eachother at the trainstation and then we went into the building. Because it was early in the morning a few projects weren't working, so we couldn't see every project.

First of all i was very impressed that day of all the projects that the students made. Some of them were so well developt i could almost see them getting used in our normal life. After a while a student told us that these projects were made at the end of the first year of Creative Technology. So that meant we will make such a thing in a couple of months. It is mind-blowing that i am capable of making somehting like that in my first year.

Update Creative Website

Stijn Brugman
Sept 10th, 2019
These are my first sketches for my portfolio-website.

First day

Stijn Brugman
Sept 10th, 2018

I am really excited for my first year of CreaTe. The first day wasn't a long day compared to the other days. And the first two lectures we had, were really fun. In the time between lecturs i reunited with friends i met at the matching day.

The first few lectures i had, were mostly focused on programming. I haven't got much experience with programming, but i'm very intrested in these subjects, so the the lectures were intresting