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video project added

By: holthuizen

I added a Interactive video to my website, unfortunately a bit late but now it’s finally online for everyone to see, enjoy. Project

About me

By: holthuizen

This website will not contain a “About me Page” nor will it contain a “Contact page”, this is simply because I don’t really like talking about myself, I feel that adding these pages would be unnecessary because they will left empty for the most part and I am glade they weren’t specified as an requirement so that people have the choice to include theme or not.

A shot introduction, my name is Carlos, I am a Dutch student how loves to tinker with everything electronic. I’m always trying to learn something new and naturally very excited to be in the Creative Technology program.


By: holthuizen

The final expo, the chance to see all the work from the different groups and subjects in one room. Everyone looked happy to see there result displayed in professional manner. It was nice to discuss some designs and project which had intrigued me, for example the “Pokemon style game” or the “smoke until you die” poster. I also enjoyed the reactions to our crazy interactive move we shot, although a little bit embarrassing to see yourself playing in it.
At the expo I displayed my poster and showed off some of the program’s I made in processing, but unfortunately I never managed to rewrite them in p5 so that I could easily host them on the web. However I will post a video displaying my latest creation here and posted a image of the displayed poster below.


Viscom Poster

  my “Final Poster” for Visual Communication


By: holthuizen

The site in question 

Reviewing the above mentioned site gave me some great ideas and inspiration for my now site. Although it was clearly visible that the site is build around a common WordPress team, which comes packed loads off features and options to the site, i still a bit envy on the great looks of the site !

As far as understanding the used technology behind it, i cant really tell much, even though i do have a general idea how every is set up due to the fact this very website you are on is also powered by WordPress. Some basis information that i can deduct form inspecting the “About me” page :

  • Used theme seems to be the “Twenty Seventeen” theme.
  • A plugin called Amazing Hover Effects.
  • The site reacts differently on mobile devices compared to laptop and desktop systems, even the menu changes accordingly .

The “hidden” / server-side php code and the massive amount of html and javascript code showing in the inspect console makes it hard to get a deeper understanding of the workings of all the separate elements and stops me from looking deeper into the functionality of this particular site. For this exact reason i decided on coding everything  myself  this website, to keep a overview of what is what.


  • Design: A clean design, great continuity with some nice animations.
  • Content: The blog and portfolio posts are filled with lots content to give the readers a better understanding of the person behind this site.
  • Function: The site is feature rich, with things like: the option to leave a comment, to hide/show text, next & previews post etc.
  • Connections: the site contains links to social media, YouTube, and a contact field.

All in all i was pretty impressed by the good design of the side and the many the features it has. I graded most aspects between a 4 or 5  out of 5, i also managed to get some extra inspiration out of this assignment for my own website.

Motor Project

By: holthuizen

A quick notification, I just posted a new project on the portfolio page!
Here you can find a new project, this time its a personal project I worked on last summer, were I restored a old Honda motorcycle!
Stay tuned for more photos in the future, for now some sneak peaks after the restoration.

This week, after some frustration and confusion on how thing work and why they didn’t work I decided to dump the so cold “empty” html 5 theme “HTML 5 Blank” , It was time to create something form scratch. “CreativeTech” was born, the theme you are look at right (as of 1 October).
The styling isn’t complete yet, but the main layout is there.
I had to rewire some of my previous modifications I made to the admin panel to work with this team. I also create my own custom post loop, main and secondary menu and single page display. I learnt a lot of php and WordPress inner workings.
I decided a specialized plugin for CSS would be a bit more practical than manually changing the stylesheet every time I wanted to tweak something, so iI loaded “SiteOriginal CSS” to the my “tool box”.

A brief project update:

After we had determent the general genre for our interactive movie last week, our Group went from the gathering ideas and  reviewing individual scripts phase to starting the draft for a comply story.



This week i aimed to get a deeper understanding of WordPress.

I already had some knowledge of  the basis WordPress functions and workflow but i had never looked at the actual code behind this framework. To get a better understanding on how everything worked I decide to load a blank theme to create some styling and functionality  myself.

After I installed the new “blank HTML 5” theme I started tweaking some of the basis WordPress functionality.

For the third  assignment I extended some options in the  administration panel through the functions.php file of the theme.  For example I created an “custom post type” named Portfolio to keep everything organized.

After these tweaks i started on the styling , which had some unexpected difficulties because the theme apparently had’t any references to the include sylesheet. This trough me of a bit because i didn’t  know the correct WP functions to get this reference. But after some long “trail and error” I managed to set everything up correctly.

For a long time the site had a bug that made it impossible to see my Categories in the Post section. I had to fix this by restoring a backup form the function file from the day before and rewrite some code from scratch.

I really enjoy learning the inner workings of the WordPress platform even though I initially  underrepresented the complexity of this framework…






By: holthuizen

Intro: This year was my first visit to GOBOT exposition. To be honest I’m normally not a great fan of modern art, but the theme “the world in 200 years from now” spoke to me. 


▪ which installation did you like most, and why?

Photo 1 and 2

I liked multiple creations a lot and it wouldn’t be fair to say that the one I liked was the only likably art piece. That said I like the “computer generated mesh of futurist looking building complexes” (that’s how I would describe it) a lot.

I feel like it is showing us the almost endless possibilities of change in the way we are going to live in the future.  It’s not trying to give an exact/ realistic estimation but its showing the enormous potential of change that could happen in the future, who knows what the future will actually  bring.

▪ which installation irritated you the most, and why?

Photo 3

The portrait of the chickens, it was disturbing to see (along with some other work of Anna-Lena Lystad) even though I understand that is intended to be a confrontation it still made a negative impression on me, with I fled wasn’t even in line with the theme of the expo, (the world in 200 years form now).



By: holthuizen


I created this logo with this website in mind, I wanted to create a simple logo that would give a little bit of inside into my personality and hobby’s.

Why do i have a “cross-hair on a target” as a logo?

Well , for starters , one of my favorite hobby’s is sharpshooting , but there  is also a more metaphorical meaning behind it.

I’m not really that concentrated or precise but I  do like to keep a target in sight , I like to work towards something and when I find something that interests me i am able to truly focus on that goal. This character trade has helped me in learning the skills  needed for my hobby’s in the past and will hopefully come in handy at my current education.