from @Enschede, The Netherlands


Literature Research

With Geanne Woertink researched the influence of a character his realism on a players behavior within a game. In addition to the research report, I made the following poster:

Poster Designs

Here are some poster I made for the study association. All are made in photoshop.

Gogbot Festival Enschede Interactive Installation

For the gogbot festival in Enschede we made an interactive installation. Our installation consisted of a infinity mirror and visual output that could be beamed on a screen. The table interacted with a kinect programmed through unity. People could ‘steal’ light from their power-sources that […]



For the course, designing in context I made an assignment showing the full process of the designing of a flashlight. The context was an uninhabited Island. Underneath some screenshots out of the full document

Visual Communication

Visual Communication

In the gallery underneath you can see all the infographics I made for the course Visual Communication. Like the name suggests it is al about how you communicate visually. What works and what does not.  Please take a look at my designs: