Design for site(2)

At this moment, I am modifying little details about the web page. I made the logo which looks simple and neat. I wrote CW in Word and changed the font and added some colors into it through paint. After I did that I changed the size to fit the logo into my web page. After changing the logo I tried to work on having bgm which is back ground music to make it more interesting homepage. I did this through installing plugins which enables it to have music that I want.

I confronted with some hardness. The first problem is that it is hard to change the font in the first page of the hompage. I can change the fonts in the text but it is still hard to figure out how to change the ones in front page. Also the another problem that I met is that right side of my page, where  I have widgets, I made two categories, blog and portfolio. And I was intended to put different thing under Blog and Portfolio, but it automatically gets into same page 2016. I will come back with minor changes next time!

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