Design for site(3)

Hi everyone! This week, I found out that the basic form of my website was too messy which is quite unclear to find the information that me and others wanted to find! Because of this I quite change the whole format of my site. I change it neat and clear so I can find the stuffs easily.

I just finished setting bgm for the website this week. I thought it can be annoying for visitors if the bgm comes out automatically. So I set up in my personal information page which you can turn it on manually. The song is Everglow by Coldplay which can make the visitors calm and feel peaceful. I used the plugin called “Soundy Background Music” to make bgm.

I moved my portfolio pieces into one single portfolio page which might be easier now to find. This site is personal because I use my own background image which seems simple but nice. It is simple light greenish color with different opacity every place. It fades away to the right. The color is not too strong or light which is suitable for background and makes the page look fantastic.

Also when I choose the font to use, I try to find the ones unique from typefaces. I designed it this way to just make it clear for every single visitors. Instead of using css to change the fonts, this way I found out that I have more choice. I could look at typefaces that others changed or others also designed. I usually used fonts that are fancy for the titles, and that are good to read!

Also I am working on to take photos that I can setup in the main front page!I am choosing the photos between that I got and trying to take new nice photo!

I have the logo now, but I will work to make new logo with different program!Wait me next week!




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