After reviewing Shanwei’s website

Today, the assignment for web technology was to peer review. We had chance to look deeply at other’s work. For me, I had chance to look at Shanwei’s website . To be honest, I found out that using wordpress does not seem good to me. For me, I have limited things that I can do however when I saw his website, I felt that we can do much more freely with html when I get the skill to do it. At first, wordpress seems better and neat but when we put effort and time html is the one to make website. Also, I learned a lot from his website. I got a review from my other classmate, and I got really bad score in the function about the navigation. Because it is limited, it was hard for me to put information in correct place that I want. But his website was so clear about the functions and navigation. It lead me to right site, right information that I was looking at. When I inspect his site, I could see how his website was formed. For example, the main page, he manage to change his title of the page in Japanese. I really like this form, I found out that it was done with the images. Right picture is the code that he used. I could find it easily with inspect. I found a background music coming out through <source src=”vaporwave_startup.mp3type=”audio/mp3“> this code. I also have background but in different way. I used plugins to do it. his page was mostly done with images that he used. <!–buttons on the right, aligned under each other–> Also he put in a comment to make it easier to comprehend and he left some points that he still needs to work on. Other pages had mostly same structure with main page. the only two things that I felt a bit irritating were the color or the image of the background he used. It made hard to read the text, and it made the website kind of dizzy (

Lastly, I was keep pressing the home button at the top left, but nothing happened. I found out from the code that it was just an image, not the button or the navigation. I hope he works on this to fix it! It would’ve be really nice website if he fix these 2 main problems!