We Create Identity End Exhibition!

Yesterday, November 3rd, end exhibition for first module was held at smart xp. All students were there showing there project videos on their own screen. We first had two hours to setup our own group’s table. When the exhibition actually started, we had table with cookies and drinks at middle. We had chance to walk around Smart xp and look what and how others did. I was quite impressed by other group’s work. I could not believe that they made the video for the first time. Besides that, our group also put a lot of effort into the project. Even the day we had to hand it in, we spent more than 12 hours doing works and fixing the video at smart xp. Others group actually chose specific topic for the video but we actually decided to do something that is really general. So we ended up to make video called “A strange Day”. It is video about one person’s one day. After getting up and before going to bed. As it was my first project and even first time making actual interactive video, I learned a lot from these 10weeks working on the project. I learned way to film, edit, and even using codes for the Ximpel. You can find more information about video via