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project poster project poster
project poster project poster

written on: 12 April 2018
by: Charlotte van Doorn

This project was very different from others, this time we had a client. The project was called interactive signing. Unfortunately, there had been a miscommunication and our client didn't really want something interactive. Instead, we came up with 10 fun ways of showing posters or other types of information, from which the client can choose the one/ parts he likes the most. In the pictures you see the concept I like the most. A poster board with legs as a frame. Around the poster board is a picture frame making it look like a painting or picture, we liked this because our client was an art gallery. The idea was for the legs to be made out of concrete since this is the most sturdy material fit for vandalism. However, we were not able to make molds and then the legs on such short notice, especially since it was only for a prototype and we did not know for sure that our client likes this idea best as well.

(I can't name our client since I don't have permission yet)


project poster project poster project poster

written on: 9 March 2018
by: Charlotte van Doorn

Yesterday, I had my last test for interactive visualization. It was a course teaching us the basics of Maya and Unity, both able to make 3D models. It was really cool to do, but also very hard and took a lot of time.
The first hand in we had was a temple, this was not so special so there is no picture. The second thing we had to make was a Japanese room. This was a really great thing to make. It consisted of several separate parts, which you had to put together in the end. The result, you can see here.
After this we made some very cool pieces. We made two diamonds, one made out of glass and one diamond. They both have this gold shape. We also made a coin with the function bump map. And we made a candle. This really was not hard to make but they look very great. Then we did some practice for animation, I learned to make a cube move, and how I made the camera move around an object. The next cool thing we had to make was in Unity. We had to reproduce the Japanese room, and make a small interaction in it; when you would walk to the doors, they would open. It was cool to get in touch with Unity but it was slightly confusing and you only had one day to learn it and finish the hand in. In my opinion this was not a smart choice of the lecturer, he should either have chosen to not learn us at all, or have more exercises to do with it. And we even did not have to do the final assignment with Unity.
Our final assignment was very free but that also made it harder. The other exercises where made from tutorial documents which you could follow step by step. But for this you had a free choice of what you wanted to make, therefore I decided to let the geek in me free, and make the Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who. This is the other picture you see here.