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Hi there, curious visitor!
Let me introduce myself; I am Joëlle Willemsen and I turned eighteen in August.
This summer I gratuated and had an amazing summer. I was ready for a new start,
ready to become a creative technologist.
For most people this is unfamiliar study. I often had to explain myself after people asked me what I wanted to study. So Creative Technology it is.
I like how the program consists of a few of my interests. Besides combining technology with design and creativity, the course aims at the effect of technology at the consumers. I am always really curious of how people react at certain actions; what triggered these people to respond the way they do? And how can I use this for my own products? So the course does not only focusses at creating and designing new, original things, but also look into the possible users. All together I like the smart tech, creativity part, designing and user behaviour. I hope that at the end I can contribute something to our society.
Maybe you will ever hear something from me at the news and then you know where it started.
So welcome and have a look at my page!

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