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	Hi, welcome to my personal portfolio website.
	My name is Chiel Verstappen and I am 19 years old.
	I'm from Roggel which is a small village in Limburg(NL).
	A few days ago I moved to the city of Enschede to study Creative Technology at 
	the Universtity of Twente

	I was raised in the same home for all my life. My parents are happily married and I 
	have a younger brother(17), sister(13) and dog.
	I am on great terms with my relatives and we have an annual family day/weekend.
	With my friends from the village I go out in the weekends to a bar or just at someone's 
	home, and sometimes we go out for dinner to a restaurant.
	Since four of us by now have their own car, and we almost all have drivers licenses, 
	we go on at least one road trip a week, which is great fun.