Okay, so yesterday (3th of November) we had to exhibit our work, especially our interactive videos. I had a party the night before so I was a bit late at the exhibition, but I played my part. It was fun seeing everyone again (some were also hungover) and letting people play our video.

Soon enough, I was hungry and I still had a headache so I went to Proto to get myself some food. I found out the couch was still free, so I sat down and didn’t get up until about 4pm. People were already packing their stuff and going home, so I couldn’t watch other people’s videos anymore. I’m a bit sad I missed that part, but chilling in Proto was also very nice. Also, everyone has to showcase their video on their blogs so I can still play them.

So yeah, the exhibition was nice but I didn’t see much of it. It was very chill, though.

See ya!


Hiii, I’m back! I had to review somebody’s Portfolio page and that somebody was Maxim de Leeuw. If you click here, you will be redirected to his webpage.

The page is probably made without the use of WordPress. Maxim uses the same blocks and background image for his whole site. There is a menubar in the top left corner, which shows his other pages (About me, Portfolio, Blog and Home) and also included a clickable image which brought you to his Facebookpage. What I liked, was that the homepage immediately showed some info, which made it very clear whose page you were visiting.

I analysed the portfolio page a bit more. There’s two blocks with text, each block being a portfolio page. The font is the same, with the title ‘First Portfolio’ being a bit larger. The images are below the text, with almost no margin between the bottom part of the images and the border of the block. In the code, you can see that the margin is 2%.

The portfolio itself consisted of two pieces of work, both from the first module (Visual Communication and Programming). He described them clearly and briefly.

Overall, it was a very nice page with a lot of potential. Because Maxim made it 100% himself, the layout is not that detailed, but it’s still very nice! I hope there will be more portfolio posts tho, that would be nice.

I rate it with an average score of 4/5.

Reviewing his site made me look at my own site differently. I started to look more at the technical aspects instead of the content (is everything clickable/reachable from each page, is the website in every size readable, etc.). I think my site is OK, but maybe not ‘my own’ enough. I used a theme and didn’t make the site all by myself. I tried to edit it in my own way, but that’s still restricted.


Hi guys, I’m back with another portfolio post! This time with things I made during Crafts in high school! If you click here, you will be redirected to that post. It’s not super impressive, I made a steampunk dress and I created a new musical instrument.

I have also changed the theme a little bit. I have made the white block behind the text a bit transparent and I changed the background image. The image was a bit too blurry so I looked for a new one. I wanted a picture with a horizontal composition and restricted colour use to keep it relaxing (instead of chaotic). I also chose a different font for my blog title. It was too standard. A more graceful font fit more, and it looks nice in contrast to the other content.

So, yeah. That’s it for now. I hope you like my new stuff!

GOGBOT 2016 – SEPTEMBER 12, 2016

Last Sunday, I went to the Melkhal and the Oude Markt to visit Gogbot. I didn’t really know what to expect but when I got there, it was not at all what I expected. I probably thought it would be much more technical and less artsy. Some installations weren’t even technical.

There was a piano made of wood, which would project a hologram of a knife each time you’d push the tile.
Another thing I saw looked like a big, futuristic chair made of metal and filled with animal pelts. The purpose of it was to sit in the chair and wear the Oculus Rift that was included.
You’d see really weird things like hands reaching towards you and moving colored blobs until you end up in the ‘real world’; you see yourself through your own eyes as if you were not wearing the Oculus.
Those things were pretty technical, but there were also many installations with just images or clips. I wouldn’t consider those to be technical.
I did enjoy Gogbot, even more than I expected. It was refreshing and aesthetically pleasing. I liked that many installations were interactive, because it would involve you in them. There were many beautiful things to see and it made me hyped for the upcoming year of Creative Technology.
Below are some more pictures of Gogbot.


27 SEPTEMBER 2016 – Hi! I have chosen a different template to use for my blog, because I feel like I can do much more with this one. I am actually content with the way my site looks right now! I will draw a sketch of the way I want this page to look eventually, but for now I will just keep working my page.

14 SEPTEMBER 2016 – Hello again, this time on WordPress! I am now transferring my posts to the WordPress version of my blog. Am I ashamed that I am using an easier way to make a website? Hell no!
Anyway, I want to create the last sketch I posted. Besides that, I want to make my site run much smoother and especially fix the way images are represented. I don’t like the way they are right now. I’ll keep you updated!

12 SEPTEMBER 2016 – Hello everybody! As you see, this site looks really simple and basic. I plan on making it more complicated and professional. That way I can properly show you my work!
I drew some quick sketches (see below), but I don’t know which one I will choose. Please don’t laugh at the poor drawing skills, I didn’t tryhard on these!
I want to present some project I worked on in high school, but I also want to show you some pictures that inspire me! And of course my blog will be included.
Working with WordPress and PHP is the goal, which will make it easier to create a cooler website!


So I am working on my webpage, I have just changed my template and it looks so much better now! I really like the way it looks. I feel like I can finally organize my posts and give the page a nice structure.

Therefore, I thought I could add my portfolio creations. I already have quite a lot and felt like I had to divide my work into groups. So that’s what I did! If you go to my portfolio page, you will see a listing of the groups I made (I plan on making it look cooler, but I will do that later). I will also add some more drawings (my bedroom wall is covered with drawings), but I have to take pictures of them first.

I can’t put anything in the ‘CreaTe’ group yet, because I haven’t made anything yet. But I have the confidence that over the years, it will be filled with lots of beautiful creations.

Here you can see my first portfolio post: https://portfolio.cr.utwente.nl/student/daniela/portfolio-computer-science/.