Posted on: September 28, 2016 at 7:35 am

After Effects

This module, I learned myself how to use after effects. I did this by watching some tutorials on blackboard and than making an instruction movie of it for our project this module which i will write a post about later. Here you can watch the instruction video.

Buddha HUD

For my project in the third module we worked together with the company Dation-GreenStar. We made a screen in your car that gives you feedback on your driving and when you type in a location it shows you the accidents that happened around that location.


In the second module we made an app called Tip’t for our project. The app shows people how crowded a certain pub in the city is so people can decide by forehand which bar they want to visit. We made this by hanging a sensor in a bar that counts the visitors and then sends that data to our app. You watch the whole project in the video below.


Interactive Video

During the last module, we had to make an interactive video. We decided to make a horror film in a first-person perspective. If you would like to watch this video, just click on the link below.



As you have been able to see in my last update in this portfolio, I have been working on a figure for my programming assignment. I have now finished this assignment. I made a figure that is supposed to look like a butterfly. It can fly around independently and it’s body changes to random colors. Also when the butterfly touches one of the borders of the screen it bounces back. Here you can see a screenshot of the figure together with a part of the code.





One of the assignments of the subject programming is to make a figure. This figure must be able to do certain things like move or duplicate. In the picture above, you can see my figure which is an elephant. At the moment you can move the elephant with the mouse and while the elephant is moving his trunk is going from left to right. I am still working on this assignment so in the future it will be able to do more things.



For my art class on high school I had to make a CD. This CD had to have all your favourite songs on there and you also had to design the box of the CD with something that you thought was important or said something about you. I decided to make a picture of my own face and then photoshop parts of the faces of the artist on the CD on my face. I wanted to do this to show that I felt like music was a big part of my life since I play music myself and listening to music just makes me very happy. In the image you can see the result.