Welcome to the site of Daan v.d Veen


September 25 2017

I've added some more portfolio items, 3 more drawings from my high school and the robot i made with my do-group during the kick-in.
I've also added a feature that makes the site more appealing on smaller screens. Once a text doesnt fit on the screen, the textbox gets
a scroll option so you can scroll horizontally to see the text wich would normally have overflowed.

In my programming class I; ve cleaned up my code a bit. I removed several lines and replaced certain values. Also, I made the penguin a class
rather than something you would have to draw in the void draw everytime I want to add another penguin. I've also tuned down the scale by
0,2. now i can fit more penguin on the screen. The goal I want to achieve this week is to make an interactive background and make the 
program do different things if you press different keys. Things such as adding an iceberg, more penguins or make them do different things
would be really great.

Portfolio update

September 22 2017

Although I've had pictures in my portfolio for quite some time now, i never really did anything with them.
That's why I've added links to them, these links will guide the user to a new page with more information about the item.
They can find the names, data of when I made them and some background about them in these pages.
I've also added a fourth item, the LEGO battle robot which the Duvel do-group made during the kick-in.
Besides the information about the items, the backgrounds of these project pages include a wallpaper of something which fits the theme of that project.
I've also nearly finished my first uploaded project, my yang xiao long drawing.

GOGBOT festival

September 12 2017 Captain's log

As the dusk fell over the city, Milan, Sam, Carlynn, Melvin and myself entered the city center in search for assignment content.
The moon shined bright above our heads like a lit-up balloon. That was when we entered the church.
Inside, there was a mechanical dog sitting on his stand, flickering light lit up the room as 3 woman in absurd dresses emerged from the shadows.
With faces serious and partly covered they approached the crowd. 
Just a few feet away from us they stopped and stared, it was at this moment we realized, we need to get up higher if we wanted to see what was going on here.
Quickly, Sam and I climbed on the benches near the walls, it was here that we saw the strange clothing and make-up worn by these ladies.
As quick as they appeared, the ladies fled back to the shadows. We decided to seek our fortune elsewhere.
We walked back towards the entrance of the church and stumbled across a small door leading to the tower.
The stairs were small and crowded, when we finnaly arrived at the top, we were met by the horrible side of pure epeleptic impulses.
We didn't stay long. 

Once we went downstair and outside, we decided to go the the CREATE section of the festival, what a sight to behold that was.
The building wich housed our study was old and seemed abandoned, but it had been filled with the newest results of Creative Technology projects.
VR simulations, interactive games and even interactive infocharts, it was truly amazing.
On the top floor of this three story building we met with our uncle Max. He had just won a prize with his space VR simulation.
Of course, Milan and I insisted on trying it out for ourselfs, it was magnificent.

After we were done with this section as well. We went to paddy's bar to grab ourselfs a drink.
My companions ordered our iconic Beer: Duvel, But i wanted to try a something else; Lachouffe.
I took a sip from my glass and was confronted by a disgusting taste.
I should never have betrayed Duvel...


september 12 2017

I've made progress with my website.
so far I've added a background image and made the lay-out for the blog.
I'm trying to make the header of the page more interesting by adding some sort of symbol or logo. Perhaps a logo which I've been using for several years
in my online projects (mostly minecraft) and as a recognizable feature in my steam profile. The nav bar and the footer however look great.
Although the aside bar at the bottom needs some attention. I was thinking about some links there which might give the user a better way of contacting me.
furthermore I've transferred the style of the website into one stylesheet instead of having a style on each different page.
At first I had great trouble with making a transparent, yet colored box for the blog, but there's nothing hard work can't achieve (and by hard work I mean teamwork).

Things I still want to add to my site:
- More items in the portfolio
- A better/easier way to update my blog
- Link to platform which the user could use to contact me.

Basic design;

My processing project has had an upgrade as well.
The hand of the penguin is now waving at you when you press a key on the keyboard.
As it turns out, the solution i've looking for for over a week was simply adding a sinus-function in the rotate program.
Anyway, he looks really cute now.