End Exhibition ~ 9 November

Last Thursday, we all came together to show off our interactive video’s. The results were so amazing, you wanted to watch them all more than once. Some were funny and simple like the ‘steal a sandwitch’ video and others were tense. All in all there was a lot of death…Continue Reading

Website Review ~ 17 October

I wrote a review about the website of a fellow student. Jorik Groeneveld has a really nice website, it looks professional and sleek with blue, white and green. If you want to look at his website click here. After writing this review I learned how to be more critical about…Continue Reading

My Personal Touch ~ 3 October

I added my personal touch to my website, by turning the side menu purple and the rest green. I feel like these colors represent me.  Of course everything on this website has a bit of my personal touch, but this is the code I manually added.  My earlier website design…Continue Reading

The Crow flys ~28 september

For a few weeks we have been creating programmed creatures, and I’m surprised that mine actually moves. Check out my interactive flying crow in my showcase Portfolio, to see the full thing: https://portfolio.cr.utwente.nl/student/eamuller/processing-creature/ If the interactive application doesn´t work, you can watch a video of the programmed creature below.  

Website designs

This is my first design sketch for my website. I guess it turned out quite well so far. I wanted to have a background image which I shot myself, to make it more personal. I liked the idea to have the information panels slide over the image. I want my…Continue Reading