12 April 2018

Gamification of wearables

For the project this module my team and I had to gamificate a spirometer for asthmatic children. For our client OCON, we created a game for the smartphone called SpiroDraak. It uses the data of the spirometer as input. This way children can help the dragon breathe fire. The game guides children through the process of the spirometer test, so they will be more focused and motivated, leading to more accurate test results. For more information, check out the video below!

12 April 2018

Module 3 challenge

This module I had a subject called Interactive Visualisation in which we learned to program in Maya. We also had a tiny bit of Unity, mostly how to import your models in Unity. I really liked the Unity program and decided to explore this program. I initially planned to do a trial on and expand my business skills. Instead I tried some Unity tutorials on this website. Sadly I didn't find those very helpful. I found out that Unity itself has very good tutorials with all materials provided for you. They include very clear tutorial videos with the materials. This helped me learn more about Unity and all of its possibilities. I followed several tutorials including a Roll a Ball game and a multiplayer tank game. I still haven't mastered Unity in the fullest and have seen the games that you can make with program, and will extend this challenge over the next module. Click here to play the tank game!

5 Februari 2018

Module 2 project

Last week we proudly presented our module 2 projects on Smart Cities. Mine was in collaboration with Sterre van Arum, Silke Rijkse, Jemimah Numbi, Lotte Lukassen, Paula Clemens Villa and Julia Borgman. We created a system that helps blind people navigate themselves through new environments. The system is called Audible Vision. It is meant to give these people a more independent life where they don't need to depend on other people or guidance dogs to get out of their house.

Audible Vision video

10 Januari 2018

Challenges module 2

At the start of this module I found it was possible to follow a Physics Build-up course and that this course could be done as a challenge for this module. I actually had planned to do a trial period at and follow 1-2 online seminars a week. But since I didn't have any physics in highschool, I thought this Build-up course was a far more suitable challenge for me. That is why the first 6 weeks of the module I've been learing Physics. To be honest, I expected the course to be slightly boring, but I was happily surprised. It has been a very interesting course and I actually enjoyed it very much. Eddy de Weerd is a very good teacher. He has an enormous amount of enthousiasm and a great way of explaining the subjects. He made Physics seem very easy and I genuially got interested in the subjects. I'm very glad I followed this course.

Another "challenge" I gave myself this module was visiting the Amsterdam Light Festival. This is a yearly event in the centre of Amsterdam that provides artists an international platform to present their work to a very wide audience.
My stepfather is an art enthousiast so this was in fact the third year I've visited this festival. Most of the artworks are located by the canals so we booked a canal cruise. My grandparents tagged along as well so I could combine the evening to be a bit of a family night out as well.
This year I enjoyed the festival even more because of the different view on the artworks that my study has given me. I could separate the more technical artworks from the more passive ones. One of the more passive artworks I enjoyed the most were Lighten The Light made by HOH Architecten, A Neccesary Darkness by Rona Lee, and Whole Hole by Vendel & de Wolf. The first two spoke to me because of the meaning (the first reminding us on how we should focus on the beauty of our "normal" lives, the second on how we need the what seems darker and unknown sides of life), the third one I thought was just beautiful.
The more technical artwork that spoke to me most was Lifeline by Cleas Meijer. It was a line on the side of the canal displaying the soundwaves boats produce under water. This is to remind us on the effect that our actions have on the underwater environment. Because if small canal boats make this amount of noise, how much will big container ships, oil rigs, windmills, etc.?
The artworks I didn't found worthy of this exhibition was Eye To Eye by Driton Selmani. It's representing an nazar amulet protecting us from the evil eye. I think this is just too simple. Other artworks have deeper and multiple meanings, where you can take hours just thinking about them. This particular artwork just didn't speak to me.
Even with somewhat less interesting artworks the festival has still inspired me a lot. I've had a great evening and will definitely visit the festival again next year!

8 November 2017

Peer review

I've been reviewing some more portfolio-websites and to put these in a better perspective I've compared them.

The website I find the best is the one of Marit Kampstra. She was the first one I reviewed and has the best performance on a mobile phone. Her site has a very nice responsitivity because of the Wordpress theme. The ones of Tijmen Smit and Timo Lempers are not responsive, which I find a shame. They have very nice websites and a original theme, because the sites are build themselves. Especially the portfolio of Tijmen Smit I found very nice. His layout really spoke to me. His site also has a lot of interesting content and has a good navigation bar on top. Timo Lempers website still looks really basic. There are no margins or padding and the menu is over some of the text which is a shame. That could use some work. To all I've reviewed: keep up the good work!

Tijmen Smit Timo Lempers Marit Kampstra
Over-all score 3,6 2,6 3,6
Date of last post 17 Oktober 2017 17 Oktober 2017 17 Oktober 2017
Number of portfolio items 6 3 7
Social media connections none e-mail and Facebook e-mail
Performance on smartphone do-able do-able good

4 November 2017

Interactive video project finished!

Yesterday we proudly finished our interactive video project! The video is about Red Riding Hood and has a very nice plot twist if I may say so myself. I've worked on it together with Lotte, Anne, Charlotte and Sterre. I'm really glad with the outcome, and I hope you will like it!

Ximpel video

3 November 2017

Challenge module 1

For my challenge for module 1 I attended several workshops at the Designlab. These workshops were introductions to Lasercutting, 3D-printing, woodworks and electronics. I found knowing these techniques very important because it makes prototyping way faster and easier, and additionally it gives you better knowledge about the production of your own product. I learnt a lot in these workshops and I had a lot of fun. Below are some pictures of the things I made in the workshops.

23 Oktober 2017

Crochet Fantasy Creatures Contest Update

This week I finished the unicorn and entered her in the competition! She has already been approved, so on 3 december please all vote for her!

17 Oktober 2017

Peer review

For Web Tech this week we had to review other people's portfolios. Today I've reviewed the portfolio of Marit Kampstra, which looked really professional. Her website was made with Wordpress and Javascript. Javascript mostely to make the photo-gallerys that make her site look that professional. For the theme she used Sydney. The main page is a scroll-down, so you don't have to do a lot of navigating. I found that really handy. Something I found less professional about her website was that she didn't have any contact information or possibilities to contact her whatsoever. That could use some work.
From this assignment I've learnt that it is very important to have a good looking site and that that is challenge. Your site often is looked at differently by visitors than by yourself. That is why it's very good to have someone review your site every once in a while. I realised that my portfolio also needs some more work, especially on the contact info. I'd also like to make a search-bar and maybe connect to Instagram.

3 Oktober 2017

Responsitivity update

As you may have noticed, I have changed the entire theme of my site (again). I wasn't as pleased with the galaxy-theme as I'd hoped to be. Now the whole site is renewed, responsitiviy has improved loads! The structure has remained the same, as seen in the design sketches. What's new is that I have this blue theme and the site now also works on a mobile phone. It has a horizontal navbar so you can see where you are AND read the content.
I still want to give my site a personal touch by making a special design for the Blogheader. I think I'll make a small Zentangle drawing to use as a background instead of the stripes I have now.

1 Oktober 2017

Crochet Fantasy Creatures Contest

A few weeks ago I promised Giomar I'd make him a crochet unicorn. He wanted me to make it white with pretty pink manes. I've never made a unicorn before, and saw this as the perfect opportunity to write up a new pattern.
I happen to follow a crochet-website called on Instagram. As I was browsing my feed last week I saw their post about a crochet contest, in which you have to enter with your own unique fantasy creature design. An absolute coincidence, since I had already started making the pattern for Giomar's unicorn.
The biggest part of the unicorn is done, it only needs legs, ears, manes and a tail. Entries must be recieved by November 30th, I'll update when I've entered and know the results!

26 September 2017

Piep Piep

Programming this module is about Processing. I made a bird, which stretches its wings and opens its beak when you press the mouse.

25 September 2017

Interactive video

This module we'll be making a interactive video, in which you can choose how the story will end. I've teamed up with Charlotte, Sterre, Anne and Lotte. We decided to make a story about Red Riding Hood. I won't spoil to much of the story, but it has an exciting plot twist! The storyboard is already finished, filming is planned for this week.

19 September 2017

Portfolio design

Last two weeks I've been setting up this website and after completely starting over 3 times I've finally come up with a nice design. I'd like to give my site some kind of galaxy theme and want to make the layout more responsive. It's already responsive now, but not yet how I'd like it. Here are some sketches of my design.

12 September 2017

Gogbot visit

This weekend I have visited the Gogbot festival. I invited my dad and his girlfriend to go with me, since my dad hadn't seen Enschede and my new place yet.
Despite the rainy weather we had a really nice evening. We went to see the installations made by other students.
I particularly enjoyed the Bus Lightyear VR-experience, mainly because it was working very well. You could actually look out of the window, I really liked that. Something that didn't appeal to me was the Infinity 4. I had seen a video of this installation on the Gogbot website in which this installation looked really cool, but I was kind of disappointed seeing it in real life. It was smaller and less cool, also I couldn't figure out what was the point they were trying to make.
In the church on the Oude Markt were more artistic and less robotic things. There was an astronaut carrying a golden cross which I really liked. It had a very strong message and was also very appealing to the eye with the white and gold.
After we had seen the installations we went for a drink at the Pakkerij. My dad and his girlfriend stayed the night at my place and the next morning we headed back for Egmond aan Zee.

12 September 2017

Wow, a blog!

This is my first blog that is mostly going to be about myself. I already have one that is about crochet, but this one will really be about me and my study. Here I will blog about all the things I'll do while following Creative Technology. I hope you'll like reading it! :)