19 September 2017

Portfolio design

Last two weeks I've been setting up this website and after completely starting over 3 times I've finally come up with a nice design. I'd like to give my site some kind of galaxy theme and want to make the layout more responsive. It's already responsive now, but not yet how I'd like it. Here are some sketches of my design.

12 September 2017

Gogbot visit

This weekend I have visited the Gogbot festival. I invited my dad and his girlfriend to go with me, since my dad hadn't seen Enschede and my new place yet.
Despite the rainy weather we had a really nice evening. We went to see the installations made by other students.
I particularly enjoyed the Bus Lightyear VR-experience, mainly because it was working very well. You could actually look out of the window, I really liked that. Something that didn't appeal to me was the Infinity 4. I had seen a video of this installation on the Gogbot website in which this installation looked really cool, but I was kind of disappointed seeing it in real life. It was smaller and less cool, also I couldn't figure out what was the point they were trying to make.
In the church on the Oude Markt were more artistic and less robotic things. There was an astronaut carrying a golden cross which I really liked. It had a very strong message and was also very appealing to the eye with the white and gold.
After we had seen the installations we went for a drink at the Pakkerij. My dad and his girlfriend stayed the night at my place and the next morning we headed back for Egmond aan Zee.

12 September 2017

Wow, a blog!

This is my first blog that is mostly going to be about myself. I already have one that is about crochet, but this one will really be about me and my study. Here I will blog about all the things I'll do while following Creative Technology. I hope you'll like reading it! :)