Hello there !

My name is Eve FRITZ and I am a first year CreaTe student. I came from France to learn how to make creative and technical solutions to improve this world.

#programming #java #web #design #art #games

Quick drawing of me
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Picture showing example of works in the IUT

IUT social networks

With 3 friends, we managed the social networks of the IUT of Chambéry, in France, including events as, for instance, Christmas week. I was especially in charge of the instagram page. I also helped with all written content.

Contact & Links

Email me here : ✉️ e.i.fritz@studentmail

You can also have a look at 👁️ my instagram.


The last updates about this Creative Student.

#gogbot #websketch

Gogbot festival

09 sept 2017

I went to the gogbot festival taking place every year in Enschede. I was pretty impressed by the astronaut standing in the middle of the Church. I made this video of my journey :

How this website will look

05 sept 2017

I made some sketches to plan how this website will look.