"creative technolgy student"




When I first heard about the festival I was really excited to go! Did not quite know what to expect, at least something with interactive art and that is something that is always interesting. Especially if you are following the CreaTe course. At the old market I found the ball in the church really cool, I could easily sit there for an hour and stare at that thing while it changed with the music. Finally outside again we were lucky that the presentation of lighten ball was going to start (yup, another ball, see picture above). This one amazed me even more, because there was so much happening while the music was played. Light flashes, bright colours, funny music, just the hole picture. If I would ever organize an event, I would definitely consider to hire them as the dj! Full confidence we walked outside and were already curious for the next thing, but that happened to be a bummer. Some zombie apocalypse drive thingies. Big ugly things which made horrible sounds and spit fire. For some people this might be exciting but I just do not consider this as art. As we moved on, we went to the next location. Down at the melkfabriek there were several art pieces. Most of them small, fascinating and fun to see. The location made it extra special, we just walked around there to see the diffrent things. It was good for some inspiration and a nice festival to understand the meaning of interactive art. We will see what the next year will bring....



In the above picture you see my first sketch for my website. It is a simpel design in black and white with a mandala in front. I have made a simpel design on purpose, because as this is my first try on making a website I wanted to get to know html and css (for bits and pieces) before using a template. For so fare I have not found this as easy as aspected. But hey, I am learning!





So, today I am starting with updating my portfolio. My first update will be about my interactive video which I am currently working at with my project group. In this project I am developing my skills such as filming, video editing and working with a program called "ximpel". Untill now I have found it very intresting, because most of the things are actually new to me. Lucky enough it is not new to everybody in the group, which comes in handy sometimes. I think we make a good team and I am already looking forward to moment when I can upload the final result on my website. So stay tuned!



So far I have the feeling that I am slowly starting to get how the hole website programming works. Ofcourse I still need to google a lot of things, but it is getting less and less. Not only that, but when things are not working out, the mistake is suprisingly, easier to find. Since it is now easier, I am paying more attention to the details. So adding some things here and there, wherever it feels like some small change has to be made. Therefore the website is feeling more like my own, with my own style. The style I have been having in my head since I started this course. Still developing without a template just to figure out html, untill I am content with what I have been learning and content with my website ofcourse.



I have put an update on my portfolio about the processing assignment which was due today. I have spend a lot of time in it, but I am happy with the result. I have learnt that I actually quite like the hole processing thing. It is intresting how small you can make a code and how much the code still can do, if you write the right code. This was sometimes really frustrating, because it was not working the way you want it to work just because you forgot a small symbol. Still I need to admit that I really like the course and can not wait to envolve my skills! Take a look at my portfolio to see a explaination and picture of my project.



I think from the day I started the website, my style was already pretty clear. I really like mandalas and the hippie touch. I don't know how I came with the mandala idea, it sort of just slipped through my mined. The site still turned out a lot diffrent then I imagined it because of my lack of skills (at least for now). But the style of the site is already there, if you ask me. So for now a lot of things are already done, but this time I inserted some more characters and some titels. To make an easier overview and a better contrast between each part of the page.



This week the assignment was to review a website of a fellow student. I reviewed the website of Kevin Smid. My first impression was that the website looks very professional, it is clear where you can go and what he wants you to see. With a view mouse clicks, you can easily jump from page to page. The navigation bar is always easy to acces, that is a thing I am going to change at my website.

His design is cool and clear. Though the personal touch is missing in my opinion,
the website tells me nothing about him if I would not read his blog. This is something he can
work on! But the way he inserted the image at his portfolio is impressive. 
If you look in to the source of that page, you see that he used a stylesheet with a lot of links.
 For the picture he used a div with a class "sidebar widget-area" and a class "search-form". 
The first class insert the picture and the second class inserted the link to his portfolio. 

I've looked with a lot of intrest into his website. This assignment is really good
to learn in a fun way things about web technology. You learn from your fellow students
and see how they think in source codes!